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So here’s the deal, we all know about The Big Man In Red, but your little one may be a little apprehensive . . . Read our 5 top tips on preparing baby for their first visit to see Father Christmas

How to prepare baby for their first visit:

Top Tip #1: If possible, plan your visit in quieter times

Talk to other new parents and research on your social networking groups about which venues have quieter visiting times.  These are usually mid-week, before the Christmas Holidays when older children are still at school.

Remember; not all Father Christmas’s are created equal! Ensure the place you choose cares about your experience and understands little ones can be frightened or shy during their first visit.

If you’re a Bump to Baby Trial Pass Holder at Farmer Palmer’s, the best time to book your “Farmer Christmas Experience” is during the week, Monday to Friday, which falls neatly in line with when your passes are valid. (Tickets coming soon).

Top Tip #2: Look at pictures of Farther Christmas before you visit

A week or so leading up to your visit, familiarise your little one with the many faces of Saint Nick. Show your child old family photos with you on Farther Christmas’s lap as a kid. Thumb through books and print-out pictures from the Internet to look at together too. The more your child sees, the more familiar he/she becomes, the less stressed they’ll be to see him in person.

Top Tip #3: Get Comfy

While you by no means need to dress your child in a holiday-themed outfit to see Father Christmas, you do want to ensure that your baby’s outfit isn’t itchy, or tight, or in any way uncomfortable. After all, no one smiles if their tights are cutting off their circulation. Avoid tears before the big moment by making sure your baby is comfy and cosy (also fed!).

Top Tip #4: Take a gift for Father Christmas

Even toddlers and preschoolers need an ice breaker sometimes. Before heading off for the big visit, prepare a gift for you and baby to give to Father Christmas. Perhaps a pre-wrapped cookie (or sprouts!), a letter or a Christmas drawing. Having your child offer a present may calm any meet-and-greet jitters.

Top Tip #5: Bring a Special Friend

Bring a special friend. Children often love to have their doll or favorite teddy meet Father Christmas too. This cuddly buddy can be a great conversation starter and it can act as a you-go-first picture option. If you see jitters building, ask your child if he’d like “Mr. Moo Cow” to have his picture taken first. You can also use this to keep baby’s attention for the all-important photo opportunity!

5 top tips on preparing baby for their first visit to see Father Christmas, written by Sandra Palmer-Snellin, published October 2020

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