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A Guide to Den Building

By April 26, 2018April 1st, 2022No Comments

Good Clean Fun: Building a Den with the Kids

Building a den… the ultimate ‘good clean fun’ activity! Not only is it free, but it requires very minimal materials, and kids absolutely love it. We asked some of the Farmer Palmer’s team if they used to enjoy building dens as a kid, and it was unanimous – den building got top marks all round.

children building a den

Even thinking about those childhood dens brought smiles to the team’s faces. Sweet! Do you remember piling up cushions, hanging sheets over whatever structure you could find, and enjoying the cosy satisfaction found inside an indoor den? Or maybe you ran riot in the woods, gathering sticks and creating something wild?

Den building is the best.

Maybe this is something you regularly do with your kids already, in which case – big high five, and we’d love to know your den-building tips.

Have your kids built a den in the wilderness yet?

If they haven’t yet, how about encouraging them to the next time you’re in the great outdoors?

Here’s a step by step approach to den building outside:

  1. Find yourself some woods!
  2. Gather sticks – turn it into a game by starting a timer – ‘ready, steady, go!’ style (the #1 way to build excitement in kids!) Please be cautious gathering your sticks, please don’t collect from off the paths because there may be protected/restricted areas. There are usually signs showing which areas are are restricted/unsuitable.
  3. Find a structure for you to prop your sticks against as a great way to get going with your den from the very beginning! Then your den will be less likely to topple over!
  4. Gather your tallest sticks, so they are all stood up against the support – just leaving a bit of a gap for your entrance.
  5. Add some detail to make your den feel homely: gather some leaves to make a ‘leaf carpet’ or weave smaller, thinner sticks between the larger ones. Any little creative tweak will engage the kids more and really create something lovely!

Some considerations for den building:

  • Never cut down branches/leaves, just use that has been dropped. We want to be kind to the wood, so don’t damage it!
  • Don’t use HUGE branches. You don’t want anything falling over and hurting a little one.
  • For ultimate cosyness, bring a blanket, a book, or even a picnic to enjoy within your den!
  • Bonus den making! Film yourselves making it and keep the memory forever!

So get out there and encourage your kids to build dens outdoors. It’s in the good clean (well, maybe a little muddy) fun that magical memories are made!

And if it’s raining . . . get creative with den building indoors too! Bed sheets and pillows!

baby in a home den

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