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A (VERY) Wet Weekend – Easter 2018 Review

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Good (grief!) Friday was wet!

What a wet Easter! The great British weather really rained on our Easter ‘parade’ this year at Farmer Palmer’s! OK, so we didn’t have an actual parade but our Easter Egg hunters got very damp out in the field on Good Friday. Luckily, it did ease off a little for the start of the egg hunting, but it wasn’t the glorious Good Friday we were all hoping for.

Thank you!

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to all our visitors who still came to join in the egg hunts over the Easter weekend despite the wet weather. We were amazed at how busy the park was! It was fantastic to witness the keen sense of adventure your children showed whilst heading out to the egg hunt field in their little wellies and wet weather gear!

Easter Egg Hunts at Farmer Palmers

Grown-Ups Behaving Badly

Sadly, a few adults couldn’t control their competitiveness during the egg hunts this year. We’d like to remind all our adults visitors that Farmer Palmer’s egg hunts are all about the children!

This year we increased the number of eggs we spread each day for the children to find, even though the weather was poor. Our team spread out over 3 thousand mini chocolate eggs, 150 creme eggs and 24 golden tickets each day over the Easter weekend. Yet, some naughty parents still felt the need to compete against the children!

This is incredibly sad for our team who work tirelessly during the holidays to bring a great atmosphere and fun environment for our visitors. Adults, please, please think carefully about the example you are setting for little ones. We want to encourage fair play and sharing at Farmer Palmer’s, not greed.

Two young children sharing an ice cream on the lawn at Farmer Palmer's

The Positives

Nevertheless, we also received lots of incredible positive feedback over the holidays from our visitors. Particularly regarding the exceptional customer service delivered by our team.

The really well organised parents actually brought a handful of their own eggs in their pockets! This was a brilliant back up idea in case their little one’s hunt was unsuccessful. We really appreciate this, because it helps support our event and ensure all egg hunters go home smiling!

We’re so proud of our amazing team and all the hard work they put in over the Easter holidays, which are historically one of our busiest times of the year. There’s so much going on with all the Spring baby animals to feed and the park really starts to bloom into action. There’s such a wonderful ‘family-fun’ atmosphere and we want to keep it that way.

Easter Bunny Team at Farmer Palmers

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