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Animal Antics on the Farm

By September 23, 2019April 1st, 2022No Comments

Animal Antics on the Farm, you bet there are lots! Looking after animals is something that everyone enjoys, whether you’re 5yrs old or 65yrs old! Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at Farmer Palmer’s when we are caring for our animals? Have you ever  considered the funny things our mischievous animals get up to? Perhaps you have asked “just how many animals do Farmer Palmer’s have?” Well, hopefully all of your questions will be answered here.

Looking After Animals at Farmer Palmer’s

One of the joys of being a part of Farmer Palmer’s Animal Team is that you get to have close contact with all the animals. However, this becomes a big task when you have as many animals as we do. There are over 100 chickens or ducks. We have 3 alpacas, 4 cows and at least 40 goats, 45 guinea pigs, 30 pigs,  50 sheep and many more other animals.

Animal welfare is key for us. All of our animals need feeding and looking after every day. This involves filling up their hay & water and making sure they’re healthy and happy.  Poo-picking pens is important to to make sure the animals don’t roll in things they shouldn’t! This helps to keep their ‘bedroom’ clean and tidy and their coats free from mess too! The manes on horses and ponies help to keep them warm during the colder months and also help with fly protection, although their tails are the best for this. To find out more about our ponies head over to the Animals page on our website!

The Animal Barn team do a great job each day spending lots of time with the animals. Fortunately, that means they also get to see some funny little things happening when there’s no body else looking…

The Funny Things Animals Do

Now most of us know the story of Bambi, the baby orphan deer who came to the farm park earlier in the year … (If you don’t then click here to find out more). However, we have had some other funny and special things happen around the park before and after open times.

For example; one evening our dairy cows managed to escape from the area they’d been put out to graze in that afternoon. Following this, they wandered over to where the ponies were staying and made their way over the barrier. So our anti-pony escape barrier didn’t work so well against a much bigger cow. They then managed to play with the gate just enough to open it and pushed their way back out. The ponies were very excited by this! To them, their pen had just become a lot bigger. And now it included the Maize Maze… So all the Ponies and Cows made their way into the Maze and had a wonderful time. It’s a good job the Animal Barn Team know the secrets of the maze and didn’t get lost!

As you may have heard, we also have a little piglet who is an escape artist! He loves to wiggle and squeeze his way out through the fence and go exploring! He loves to have a wander around the pens and comes and asks for his food first thing in the morning; some days he can be found as far as the Car Boot field! He often goes to find Tina because he knows that she will be down to feed him shortly. He does this so often that we have had to put a sign up to assure you, our customers he’s ok, and will always find his way home to mum!

 Visiting Other Farm Parks

Farmer Palmer’s isn’t the only amazing place that you can visit cute and funny farm animals. There are many places around the south west and beyond to see them. Here are some top picks from TripAdvisor Reviews:

Folly Farm

Folly Farm is 120 acre Farm Park turned zoo in Wales that homes over 750 animals and has a Vintage Fairground with 17 rides and eight play areas! It has a 5 Star rating on TripAdvisor from nearly 5000 reviews so it’s a really great place to visit.

Pennywell Farm

We love Pennywell, their owners are great! Located in Devon, this Farm Park features attractions such as Tractor Rides, Go Karts, a Railway and also the ‘Red Rockets’. They are famous for their miniature pigs which are definitely worth seeing. They hold a 4.5 Star rating on TripAdvisor.

Bocketts Farm Park

This family run farm park is in Surrey and has been a farm park since 1992; It is still a working sheep farm. They currently hold a well deserved 4.5 Star rating on TripAdvisor with some fantastic reviews.

So what’s next?

There is always something going on and each animal encounter is special, and different! After reading this, we hope that you have the feeling that you would love to come and see us more and more! Click here for more information on our current opening times. You could even be thinking of buying an Annual Pass … That would be great! You can either purchase a Pass on your next visit or you can use our customer-friendly website to set up your membership (Top Tip: you get a discount for buying online), then you can visit us as many times as you’d throughout the year.

We look forward to seeing you!

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