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Animal Experiences at Farmer Palmer’s includes the popular animal feeding. Find out what we do and why we do it.

Veganism and Ethics

Animal feeding experiences at Farmer Palmer’s are ‘part of the furniture’. We love what we do and so do our 80,000+ visitors who come to the farm park each year. The Animal Barn team does an incredible job delivering exciting, educational events and demonstrations every day. However, times are changing and because we want to be industry leaders, building on top of our already excellent welfare standards, we are now re-evaluating our animal activities. How can we improve even further, exceeding customer expectations and develop our animal interactions in line with the progression in Environmental Awareness?



Sourcing Animals for Demonstrations

So where do Farmer Palmer’s animals come from?





For a full overview of all the animals at Farmer Palmer’s please see the image (infographic) at the bottom of this blog.

Goat’s Have The X-Factor

Goat kids are our ‘top bananas’ when it comes to entertainment value!




Boy meeting goat kid in the Animal Barn at Farmer Palmer's

The Future is Hand-Fed

In January 2020 we made the decision to reduce the number of bottle-feeding demonstrations we run at the farm park. Here’s why . . .

Why we allow the public to hand-feed our animals and how we manage their diets.

Link to “visiting farm park when pregnant blog”





A boy hand feeding Red Deer at Farmer Palmer's in a logod tshirt

Bio-Security Safety

It’s all about Farmers protecting their stock


Life At and After Farmer Palmer’s

So what’s it like for our resident animals?

Highlight all the amazing welfare standard we exceed, how we are regulated etc. and where they go at the end of their lives.



[insert infographic from Luke, Tink creating]



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