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Baby Photoshoot – Top Tips from Mums

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Baby Photoshoot – Real reviews and top tips! Warning: Boobs and Poops included!

Being a new mum is such an exciting time (albeit one we wish came with an instruction manual sometimes!). There are lots of firsts that you’ll cherish forever. The first smile (that isn’t wind!), the first giggle, the first word…

Capturing those treasured memories isn’t always easy when you’re dashing around trying to look after a baby, especially if you want to be in that moment too.

Nothing says Insta-glam quite like a sick covered muslin cloth over your shoulder…

So what better way to savour those forever moments than with a photoshoot?

That may sound a little crazy as just leaving the house can feel like a major military operation some days, but don’t worry – help is at hand!

We asked some real mums to share the things they were worried about and their top tips to make your photoshoot go more smoothly!

Karen Wiltshire Photography

Baby Ivy by Karen Wiltshire Photography

Tia’s Review: Karen Wiltshire Photography (Baby Ivy)

“Today my partner and I took Ivy along to a little photoshoot with Karen Wiltshire at KW Photography. We initially met Karen when Ivy was just 5 days old and she managed to capture a very precious photo of Ivy smiling. This photo now hangs pride of place in our lounge.

Karen – who works from home – has recently extended her studio so we thought what better time to attend.

When Ivy was 8 months old, crawling and very much on the move. As you can imagine, we spent most of our days running around like a pair of headless chickens after her.

Initially when booking both of these sessions (5 days old & 8 months) my first thought was what on earth should I dress her in? At a mere 5 days new I barely knew my butt from my elbow!

Karen made this very simple. She advised if there was something particular I wanted to use I could bring it. But if not, she was more than happy to allow us to use the vast array of beautiful items she has collected along her way.

As some of you know, trying to get yourself up, reasonably dressed and out the door with a newborn isn’t the easiest! Further to that I had another concern…what if Ivy needs feeding?

I’m a rather large chested mumma, so ‘subtle breastfeeding’ was not my middle name! Is it appropriate to bust a boob out mid photo?

The answer is yes! Karen was very calm and very relaxed. She allowed us to take the session in our stride; and continue to follow Ivy’s routine.

It has to be said I am a stickler for a routine. I fed in between Karen shifting a few backdrops and arrangements around and Ivy was settled and back to it.

When it came to involving my partner and I in the photos, Karen was very conscious I had just given birth. It was very clear my comfort was at the full front of her mind, she expected nothing but a smile.  The experience with a baby at such a young age was well worth its weight in gold. We have a very precious little keepsake, which we can treasure. It is very true what they say; happy mum, happy baby.

Now fast forward 8 months – our delicate little hooligan is now crawling!! Are we wise taking her into a studio?

Well, let me tell you it was absolutely nothing to worry about. It went swimmingly.

Again, it dawned on me – what should I expect? Do I need to take a variety of clothes? Can we keep Ivy amused let alone smiling for a length of time etc?

As much as I wanted the photos – faffing with an outfit when your boyfriend works away full time isn’t top of my to do list! So again we took Karen’s advice and raided her cupboard of goodies which didn’t fail us.

Prior to our arrival at the studio Ivy was bathed and polished within an inch of her life. Yet, typically there was that one bat in the cave (bogey!!!) which was hanging on for dear life right up until we arrived…and yes I did obsessively try and pick it!

The quiet photoshoot we had attended 8 months ago was a distant memory. Instead, Karen had the great pleasure of my very beautiful, tone deaf, singing voice.

Yes if you can sing – and you don’t even need to be able to sing well – then you’re instantly Ivy’s new best friend. So boy did we all sing, Karen included!

Did you know there are about 30 verses to Row row row your boat?! I didn’t – but they sure did they come in handy! Thank you Google!!!”

My Top Tips would be:

  • Find a photographer you’re comfortable with
  • Take the day at your pace – it’s your money after all
  • Baby comes first
  • Ask about outfits and props

Relax and enjoy the experience – you won’t get that perfect pic if you’re stressing about it!

Bethany Rees Photography

Hope and Ellis by Bethany Rees Photography

Lucy’s Review: Bethany Rees Photography (Toddler Hope and Baby Ellis)

“I spent a lot of time looking for the right photographer prior to baby number two’s arrival.

We were looking for someone who would be able to give us those special, perfectly positioned newborn photos. But also to take some special first photos with both the new arrival and my (almost) two year old daughter.

I came across Bethany Rees via a recommendation on a mum and baby group via Facebook. We instantly loved her work! I loved the simplicity of her photos and that she had experience of photographing siblings. Realising she had a toddler herself made me feel slightly more at ease.

The arrival of my son, Ellis came as a bit of a surprise to my daughter! She’d had nearly two years entirely devoted to her every need and so to say she was being a challenging would be an understatement! The thought of keeping Hope happy and entertained for 2-3 hours was a daunting thought. I was dreading the multiple meltdowns we would likely experience.

I wrote to Beth before the shoot to give her the heads up so that my little whirlwind – who looks like butter wouldn’t melt – wouldn’t come as a total shock to her, but she didn’t seem at all concerned.

She put me at ease and  also answered some of my concerns such as what to wear. She suggested plain white or black with no logos.

Come the day both my husband and I were quite nervous.

I hate having my photo taken and my husband knew he would be responsible for dealing with Hope and her ever changing mood.

We went armed with snacks (as suggested by Beth) to keep Hope fuelled and happy and as a little bribery if or when needed. Hope promptly decided to drop her Pom Bears all over the floor when we arrived and so I was desperately trying to pick them up and remove her shoes at the same time. I started feeling really flustered.

The studio was small and amazingly warm, so we stripped Ellis off down to his nappy. At which point he woke up!  At this stage he had done nothing but sleep so why was he awake now, just when I need him to sleep?

This was probably (other than dealing with a stroppy toddler) my biggest fear – that he would be awake and possibly crying throughout the whole shoot.

Thankfully after a quick feed he went back to sleep and we watched as Beth worked her magic, perfectly posing him with such care and precision.

The removal of the nappy was another worrying time. In a stark white filled room, an uncovered bottom (which has the potential to go off like a korma bomb at any time) made me a little nervous! Thankfully we avoided any explosions.

Then it was time to encourage Hope into the photos but she wasn’t overly keen. The smarties worked wonders however and Beth worked quickly to capture some beautiful photos.

It really wasn’t as stressful as I thought it might be and we couldn’t be happier with the beautiful photos.

My top tips would be:

  • Research the right photographer for you
  • Book early as they get booked up quickly
  • If you have a toddler take something they like doing colouring or an ipad and food
  • And lastly BE in the photo even if you aren’t happy with how you are looking at the moment.
Almas Home Studio Photography

Corinne and Kit by Alma’s Home Studio

Corinne’s Review: Alma’s Home Studio (Baby Kit)

“Kit’s first photo shoot was when he was 7 days old.

I was really unorganised beforehand and only booked the shoot about 2 weeks before my due date. Luckily Alma could fit us in, when she’s normally booked up well in advance.

We were bought a photoshoot as a gift but I wanted a certain type of photo so booked in with someone else (Alma’s Home Studio) and it was completely the right decision.

Alma sent us an information pack via Facebook Messenger giving us advice on preparing for the shoot.

Things like bring a bottle and a dummy, because even though he is breastfed this will make him sleep for longer.

She had advice from midwives explaining that a one off bottle feed wouldn’t cause nipple confusion.

It was nice to know that she had done her research, including how to put the babies into safe position for the photos.

Alma provided all of the clothes and props which was a big relief. Using her clothes helped keep the photos timeless too.

I was so worried leading up to the shoot.

Worried that he would cry the whole time, pee on her floor, or do a poo just as he was posed for a naked shot!
Alma made us feel completely relaxed and soon I realised that she does this every day, and that you’re the newbie.

My top tips would be-

  • Don’t overthink it. You are paying them to take beautiful photos of your babies. It’s their job to get it right and they know what they are doing.
  • Make sure you share some of your own ideas of the kind of photos you would like.
    I told her I like sunflowers, so she went out the night before and got some.
    I also took my childhood teddy which made it even more personal.
  • Research the photographer beforehand to make sure you like their style.
  • If someone buys you a photoshoot, check how much they charge for the photos. The shoot we were given as a gift ended up being really expensive, it averaged out at being £60 photo! Where as Alma was half the price and you agree on a package beforehand so there are no hidden costs.
  • Don’t feel pressured into buying the photos if you haven’t agreed a package deal. We went to the shoot that was bought for us as it was a bump to birth shoot and that’s when we found out the prices. We went back for the second half of the shoot when Kit was 4 months old to get our couple of photos that came with the shoot deal. It was hard not to get carried away and not buy them all especially when you feel obligated.
  • Wear light clothes…it’s like an oven in the studio. We had another photoshoot when Kit was 6 months old. Sitter stage they call it. It’s the perfect age as they can sit unaided but can’t crawl. I was nervous again but for the opposite reason – timing it around his nap time so he didn’t look tired in the photos and would hopefully smile. Again, I should have known that everything was going to be ok.”

Time is precious and so are those memories of your baby so capturing them is so important.

Especially as real life has a nasty habit of getting in the way. The mums and dads of the Farmer Palmer’s family will be the first to tell you that you’ll blink and it’ll be their first day of school.

The thought of a photoshoot may feel like a daunting task. But if our guest blogging mums have proved anything, it’s less stressful than taking your newborn in Tesco to do the weekly shop and way more satisfying than a BOGOF on nappies.

The pictures will last a lot longer too…

And when you’re done, we’ll be here with a warm welcome, lots of fun for the whole family…and a nice hot cup of tea.

Check out our opening times and ticket prices here.

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