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Budgeting for Families

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Budgeting Guide for Families

Budgeting is tough – FACT! 

It’s a constant battle between “saving for the future” and just enjoying yourself because “life is so short,” and that’s only on a personal level.

When you factor in the costs of running a household and keeping your family in the lifestyle you want, well . . .  things get even tougher. Budgeting for Families is tough! 

Sacrifices and Second-Hand

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you make a sacrifice to the Gods to help you with your family’s budget but sometimes, shopping sacrifices have to be made. Do you really need that particular brand of washing detergent, or could you settle for a cheaper version? 

Do the kids really need new or could you save a few pounds by checking out Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or local Charity Shops? Kids grow FAST! So chances are someone nearby may have an ‘outgrown’ version of what you’re after at a very reasonable price, if not free! Make a day of family bargain-hunting and head to a local car boot sale! 

Food glorious food

Yay for fabulous free breastmilk! BUT, as we know, this can not always be available and there comes a time when solid foods need to be introduced. Another mouth to feed = higher food bills, so how can you be a savvy saver at the supermarket? 

Look high, look low. The most expensive products are often positioned at eye level on the shelves. This is a clever sales tactic used by supermarkets to sell higher-priced items. An easy target for busy parents whose little angels are doing their best to serenade the entire store at the top of their lungs, whilst slyly playing their own version of supermarket sweep! 

But if you take a little time to check out the lower shelves you can often find cheaper versions of the same products. A lot of supermarkets have a discount area too, where items with defaults, such as damaged packaging, are on special offer. 

Timing your shop can also be very saver savvy! Try and avoid shopping when you, or the kids, are hungry and if possible, try and time it for a Sunday afternoon just before closing or late at night. A LOT of items are reduced at these times. If in doubt, just ask the store staff and they’re usually happy to advise you. 

Meal planning and preparation is also a great way to save money AND time! Check out these 25 Ideas for Families with Toddlers.

Deals on Days Out

Dorset Families; ‘Pay as You Go’ is costing you money!

So many attractions now offer Annual or Seasonal Passes to save you money if you’re a regular visitor. This is great news for families budgeting for a year ahead of family fun!

It’s a wonderful way for the attraction to reward their loyal customers and you get to keep a little extra cash in your pocket. PLUS members usually receive extra benefits too! For example; here at Farmer Palmer’s we extend our Annual Pass Holders expiry date by a WHOLE month to reward them for introducing a friend. That’s an entire month’s entry completely free, just for encouraging your friend to become a member too. Your friend can then recommend their friends too, and so the benefits pass on! It’s a great way to spread a little love across Dorset!

“Annual Passes help a lot for days out, because your visit is already paid for! You can then treat yourself to coffee and cake or lunch and not feel like you’ve spent a fortune!” Farmer Palmer’s Annual Pass Holder January 2020.

Want to find out more about Dorset Attractions with Annual Passes and Season Tickets? Take a look at this fabulous family-friendly article from Poole Mumbler.

Savvy Savers

A quick Google Search for “Money Saving Tips for Families UK” returns 423,000,000 results! There is a LOT of information out there to help you, we couldn’t cover it all here. But here are our top picks:

“I always keep my balance at an Even Number by transferring the odd change into my savings – it doesn’t take long to start seeing your savings going up!”

“Only buy what you need – This one seems obvious but it’s so easy to get caught up in a spending frenzy. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.”

Unplug your chargers when they are not in use and switch your TV off at the wall they will still use a small amount of electricity when left on standby.”

“Give the gift of time! Everyone has so much ‘stuff’ these days! Instead of splashing out/wasting money on something that will just gather dust for the sake of giving a gift – why not plan to spend some quality time with the person or people you want to give something to instead?”

“I like to move any money left in my account at the end of each month into my savings account. It soon adds up! Then you can use it for an Annual Pass!”

Want a little more help with your budgeting? Take a look at these 10 Easy Steps from SkintDad on how to create a Household Budget and stick to it!

Spread the Cost

To help our local families out even further with their budgeting, here at Farmer Palmer’s we are introducing an ‘Easy Pay’ scheme (due Feb 2020). This will enable our members to spread the cost of their Annual Passes across a 3-month payment plan.

  • 50% due on Sign Up (please note; there will be a 5-day delay on creating passes if using this payment plan as we need to ensure we have received your initial payment)
  • 25% due end of the first month
  • Remaining 25% due end of the second month

Sharing is Caring

Sharing child care with a friend is a great way to save extra £s. If you’re a part-time working Mum/Dad, compare your schedule with friends and family members. You may find that you can avoid expensive childcare costs by dividing up your working week. If this works for you then take a look at our ‘Me or You’ Annual Passes and you could save even more money! Find out more in our Blog: Which Farmer Palmer’s Pass is Right For Me.

If you have any questions about our Annual Passes or Admission Prices please send us an email to or call 01202 622 022 and our team will be happy to help!

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