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Can Fresh Air Help Sleep-Deprived New Parents? Definitely, simply ask your grandparents or parents.

A new infant in the house means normal routines are going to go out the door. Feeding, burping, rocking, and changing take time, and that round-the-clock schedule can make new parents feel their life is no longer their own.

How much Sleep Is Enough?

New parents will get just four hours and 44 minutes of sleep on an average night during the first year of their baby’s life. In the first 12 months of a child’s life, mothers and fathers sleep 59 percent less than the recommended eight hours a night, losing the equivalent of 50 nights of sleep. So if lavender on your pillow is not doing it for you consider adding some fresh air to your diet! A change of scenery, moving around and laughter with friends may be just the tonic that helps. If not we always have an awesome hot chocolate available to order to indulge in!

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Get Outside and Warm Up With Some Luxury, You Deserve It.



Why Does Winter Make Us Feel Worse?

In the winter months many of us retreat into our houses and stay there until the weather is warmer. New houses are being built with smaller windows and more energy efficient £ saving priorities means we rarely open windows anymore. The air in our homes becomes stale, and that’s not very good for our family. Think back to the cooler houses of our grandparents or great grandparents who had robust immune systems!

According to the World Health Organisation, we spend around 90% of our time stuck indoors. Take a moment to look at your week. How often are you in the car or in a building?


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How Can Fresh Air And Excercise Help Parents with Newborns?

The Journal of Environmental Psychology published a study that getting outside in nature can make people feel more alive, and as we all know. Taking a baby for a walk outside will often send them to sleep. giving you a chance to relax. Babies also sleep better at night after spending time outside. What works for babies probably works for all of us.

Smells in the air outside can also play an important part in our health. Flooding your body with important oxygen.

Oxygen Is Important

Oxygen is important to the human body. To burn food for the release of energy stored in it, oxygen must be supplied to cells, and carbon dioxide removed. It simply gives energy for our cells to work, resulting in a clearer brain, faster metabolism, and better blood circulation, resulting in a better nights sleep – we hope 🙂

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The Benefits Of Some Winter Sunshine

Natural daylight is wonderful. Your body’s internal clock (its circadian rhythms) is regulated by your exposure to sunlight. This means you can trick your body into believing it should be awake even when it feels tired.”

Taking the time to inhale deeply, fresh air is like drinking new life into your lungs. When was the last time you stood still and counted your breaths in, held breath and slowly out? Try it!

Look for the Fun 

In most cases, sleep-deprived parents still find joy in their favorite activities—when they have time to actually do them. So take this opportunity to get out an about in the fresh air, do something different in 2020 and share the laughter from friends.



Where to get further help – NHS

Can Fresh Air Help Sleep Deprived New Parents created in Winter by Sandra Palmer-Snellin to encourage people to explore the great outdoors.


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