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We all value quality time with our children, right? An excuse to put my phone away, except for photos of course, and unwind.Wonderment at how my boys see the world and come out with the funniest things always makes me laugh. Let me tell you about our day! If you are wondering whether or not to take a trip to Farmer Palmers this Autumn (winter , spring or summer for that matter!) ……. I urge you to decide YES!

I thought I’d write a small account of our day there today, because, quite honestly, I was blown away. From start to finish.

Who are we?

Hi I am Kerry and I came on a group visit with my son Eddie.  As a family with 2 young boys aged 7 and 2, finding places to go that ‘cater for all’ is near on impossible. Farmer Palmers does not fall into this category. There is so much to do for everyone (parents and carers included if you leave that pride at home and let yourself go! HA!)

We arrived at 9:45 and waited about 2 minutes before the doors were opened and a lovely young lady welcomed us in with a big smile. We paid and were given the days’ timetable for all events and led towards the park!

My little Eddie went charging off – he is a regular here (thanks to my amazing Mum always taking him! We must sort that annual pass out!) and knows exactly where to go!

Straight to the lockers, which we hired for a refundable £3. It was great, we dumped our bags in and were free to RUN WILD!

First stop

Meet and Greet a guinea pig which was inside the Animal barn! Eddie absolutely loved being able to actually sit with a real guinea pig on his lap. We were given a towel to place on Ed’s lap and he was able to stroke away. Afterwards the lovely member of staff explained that we must go and was our hands and told us exactly where we could go to do that.  And what great facilities they were! Low level trough taps and air dryer with step – Ed’s loved it!

Then One Of My Favourites

Next we made a b-line for the go karts! These are definitely ‘secretly’ one for the adults – I think! I was absolutely racing around like I was in grand prix (or so my imagination led me to believe!) After my legs were crying out for me to stop, we went over to the HUGE Cow bouncy castle! We timed it well as there were no other children on, so I managed a little bounce at the same time! (naughty!) Eddie was running and squealing with laughter as I was bouncing him all around! It was GREAT FUN!

It was now nearly 11am and I was desperate for a caffeine fix, so off to the restaurant we went! Coffee for Mummy and an ice cream for Eddie and Nannie.

They try to think of things that we need

What I love most about FP’s is how there is nothing that hasn’t been thought of! Everywhere you go around the park, everything has been tailored to make your time there as stress free and as easy as it can be! It’s such a joy compared to a lot of places you go to these days. Everything most definitely exceeds expectations!

Lets go for a Ride

After we’d finished our mid-morning refuel and rolled down the hill outside the restaurant a few times it was TRACTOR TRAILER TIME!! It was only £1 per person and it was a hoot! A rather bumpy, twisty turny hoot! The lady who did the driving was fab! She really enthused all the kiddies (and grown-ups!) and off we set all the way down to the woodland walk down a super-duper bumpy track and back up again!

Lets Cool Down

When we returned Ed’s headed straight for SPLASH ZONE! A note – take swim attire, towel (we only had a little hand one and that was fine) powder to dust the sand off and a spare change of clothes, for optimum splash zoning and a quick turnaround into dry clothes again! Dreamy!

Lunch time already!

Lunch time came around quickly so back into the restaurant we went. The food was delicious and looked so fresh! I’m currently on the Slimming world plan, but there was loads available! I went for a huge jacket potato with tuna and salad. My mum an incredible looking pulled pork and cheese panini (which I simply had to have a nibble of, obviously!) and Eds made his way through and pot of fresh strawberries and blueberries, a packet of Pombears and had a little bit of mine. We all had a drink too! The restaurant was so clean and again everything was there that you’d ever require! Even facilities to warm your baby bottles up should you need to. I was so impressed!

Picnics are welcome

If you don’t fancy dining in the restaurant though, there are loads and loads of picnic tables. Ones under cover too, so even if it’s raining – they’ve got you covered… quite literally!

And More Play Time!

After we were full and ready to go again, we went off to the indoor play! Eddie was in there for AGES! Naturally I whipped my shoes off and went chasing him all around too! This time my imagination led me to believe I was a monkey running through jungle! My body on the other hand though…. not so much! It was fine though because I eased myself with a sit down, a coffee and shared a insanely delicious homemade cake with my Mum – I simply couldn’t resist! (sorry scales!!)

After that it was time to head back outside for a bit. I couldn’t believe how much there was still to do, we’d barely touched half of the park!

The Animal Barn

We went into the indoor farmyard area; it was massive and there was a real-life sized cow which Eddie had great pleasure in showing me! I noticed lots of people all sat having a good old natter and it made me think. As parents and carers; you are made to feel so safe when you’re here. There is such clarity and consistency when it comes to ‘missing children’ I immediately saw on the days’ timetable what the park does and where they go if there is a missing child. Another thing Farmer Palmers gives you ‘udder’ piece of mind about!

After the indoor farmyard area, we headed for Straw Mountain. An entire barn full of straw and slides! I laughed so hard watching my little Ed’s go whizzing down the slides. He was running and climbing like mad. So good for his physical development and confidence building.

Nearly Time To Go

I looked at the clock and it was nearly time to go! We still had so much to do!! Aaaaahhh!

We are local to Farmer Palmers (thank goodness!) and I will definitely be getting an annual pass for my husband, me and both of our boys. Eddie is 2 and has been coming here since he was a new-born, which I think has helped in his enjoyment now. He is so confident of what he wants to explore and do. He loves watching the animals and I believe it’s a family attraction that every child should have the joy of going to.

One last stop before we went to collect my eldest from school, (if we had an annual pass I could have come straight back afterwards!) was the shop! Eddie chose a lovely little yellow watering can that he paid for all by himself – with my money though!

Hurray, excess energy gone, and some!

We got in the car and little Ed’s was asleep before he hit the Bakers Arms roundabout – another successful day and worn out Toddler! Hip hip hooray!

One last thing before I go, everywhere I looked around I saw love and passion. The care that has gone into the park is evident. There are constant improvements and you can tell everyone is there to ensure you and your loved ones have the best time you possibly can!

Thank you so much and see you soon FP’s!

Kerry and Eddie x x x


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