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Farmer Palmer’s Go Fund Me Page

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Farmer Palmer’s Go Fund Me Page is now set up! Can you help us to feed our Animals?

We have taken the brave decision to set up a Go Fund Me page.

Before making this decision we ran a Facebook Poll asking what you thought about us setting up an opportunity for Donations to help support us during the temporary closure.

We were overwhelmed with your response!

A whopping 82% of you voted YES this is something we should look into setting up. We’ve explored a few options and after seeking advice we have now created a “GO Fund Me” Page.

Your kind donations will go towards our feed


Phillip and I have only ever had one grant, that was for the Indoor Soft Playzone in 2003 and with all our careful business planning we realise that the strains on the business will be huge moving forward.

That said, we must now think about these next uncertain months.

I am doing all I can which includes;

  • Applying for grants (a condition of which seems to be to exhaust all your own personal funds – which we have)
  • Emptying all of our reserve funds including our savings we set aside for our ROAR project.
  • Supporting our suppliers. We felt it was more important right now to pay our suppliers (we have a great relationship with them and need to support them to survive this situation too)
  • Producing business forecasts

Amazingly, I was on the phone yesterday, organising a payment holiday with a company, and when she realised who we were she offered to donate, I had never met her as she was based in a head office in another county. Incredibly humbling.

It is for these reasons that we have taken advice and set up this page.

Keeping Our Animals For You

Our Farmer Palmer Customer Experience has been a key educational and fun part of family memories for a generation over the past 22 years.

Rest assured we are keeping all of our animals here for when we re-open, rather than re-homing any, and caring for them as our farming childhood taught us to years ago.

There are lots of mouths to feed at the farm

The Animal Barn Is An Expensive Labour of Love

We are fund-raising for the basic necessities of our animals during the coming months. Food, bedding, any vet care, welfare requirements.

We do not usually shout about what it costs to run the Farm Park and everyone probably thinks we are loaded but the stark truth is we run the farm park from the heart because it is our family farm and our vocation.

Some facts about the costs of running the farm

  • The feed bill alone is over £1900 per month
  • Hay, made with care, cultivation, time and vehicle maintenance
  • Straw and shavings for animal bedding has to be bought in
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables is bought in for the cute guinea pigs and animals ensures they stay in peak health
  • Repairs and maintenance of hay nets (goats nibble anything), pens, gates, water quality, field shelters, grass management and reseeding
  • Then we need the farrier to trim all the ponies and donkey’s feet every 6 weeks, there is routine worming, vet treatment for things like a tooth abscess in a guinea pig, a goat or kid that needs help at birthing time, the cows need routine tests for their health too . . . and so the list goes on.

Come summertime we will have over 150 sheep to shear to keep them cool, also helping to prevent fly strike in hot weather.

So you can see our dilemma. Yet, we love what we do and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Children’s interaction, learning and education about animals and farming is so valuable.

We’ll be here waiting for you when the farm re-opens

Our animals are part of our family

Many of you already know:
We have successfully bottle-fed 40 baby goats, 3 times a day which the children would normally have been doing.
Minty the cow and her calf, as well as our Milking Girls, Mandy and Dotty, all eat a lot of cow nuts!
Our stunning Valais sheep love hay.
The Poll Dorset ewes need cereal feed for nutritional support whilst feeding their own baby spring lambs.
The pygmy goats and lively goat kids still need hard feed.
Our awesome guinea pigs are happily chomping their way through delicious fresh vegetables which we still buy in for them.
Our ducks and chickens need corn and the ponies have vitamins.
The alpacas, donkeys, rabbits and other animals all have specific food requirements too.


“So much to do whatever the weather, staff are always so friendly, facilities always clean and happy animals.”

“The staff are incredible so hard working and full of enthusiasm. Animals are well cared for and interaction with the children is incredible”

“Staff are so helpful and friendly too. They all seem to go the extra mile to make sure everyone has fun. There are lots of animals to pet and feed and you can see they are well looked after.”

Thank ‘Moo’ in anticipation!

Thank ‘Moo’!



A little will go a long way, we promise.

From the Palmer Family, our Team and all the Animals

Please consider sharing for us.

Thank you.

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