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How to keep animals cool

By June 28, 2018April 1st, 2022No Comments

Wondering how to keep animals cool in the Summer heat?

At Farmer Palmer’s, our animal’s welfare is a top priority! In the heat it’s important to keep our animals as cool and comfortable as possible. So our Animal Barn team have come up with some genius solutions. Do you have guinea pigs or rabbits at home? These ideas may be helpful to keep your pets cool this summer!

Cold Water Bottles!

We recycle plastic water bottles from the farm park by filling and freezing them to turn into Cold Water Bottles. On hot days these are then put in all the guinea pig and rabbit areas so they can lie up against them and cool down.


We use small containers (such as an old ice cream tub) and place chopped up veg in them. You can use your pets favourite treats; like carrots, peas and broccoli. Then add a small amount of water to cover the vegetables and place in the freezer. Once frozen simply turn the tub upside down to release the veggie-pop! We usually turn ours out onto a tray. All our animals enjoy the veggie-pops on a hot day, especially the guinea pigs, rabbits and goats!

Guinea Pig Ice Pop Farmer Palmers

Wallow the heat away!

This one’s for the piggies! Because pigs don’t pant or sweat like other animals, we need to help keep them cool! So we make a muddy wallow by digging out a piggy paddling pool and then adding some water to make it good and muddy! The pigs then wallow in the mud, using it to cool down and protect their skin from the sun! Think of it as a factor 20 mud pack! The wallows are topped up everyday.

Bathing birds!

To keep the aviary birds cool in the heat; we make sure they have access to a fresh bird bath. They often sit and have a wash, cool down and have a little preen too! The water is changed daily.


So those are Farmer Palmer’s top tips on keeping animals cool! We hope you find them useful, remember to keep yourselves and your little ones sun-safe this summer! Come and have a play in our Splash Zone as an awesome alternative to the beach! Don’t forget your towel!

Splash Zone beach fun at Farmer Palmer's Farm Park Dorset

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