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Let the children play on a sustainable future

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Let the children play on a sustainable future, this fits in perfectly with Farmer Palmer’s views. Working in partnership with NBB who’s dream is to create sustainable, eco-friendly play equipment.

As a result, the Poole Based NBB Recycled Furniture Company needed a popular visitor attraction to be the first Company ever to install the  Buddy Balance Trim Trail.

View through Trim Trail tunnel at Farmer Palmers

Helping The Environment By Reusing and Recycling

People drop a water bottle into a recycling bin and it is no longer their concern. What happens next? Does recycling really make a difference? How is it better for the planet and the economy than simply putting things in landfills where trash goes?

From consumers recycling plastic bottles to manufacturers using recycled plastics in the products they make, our combined recycling efforts make a huge difference. The more we recycle, the greater our positive impact can be. When we use recycled plastics to make new plastic products, we conserve more than materials. We can reduce energy usage by 66%. … When it comes to recycled plastic bottles, a small number actually become plastic bottles again. More often, they’re used to make car parts, clothing, shoes, pens and children’s play equipment.

Why Use Recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Amazingly, the Buddy Balance Trim Trail is made from the plastic most commonly used to produce milk bottles. Resulting in a product that is mainly recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

  • It will not rot, crack or splinter.
  • No annual preservation treatment required like its wooden equivalents.
  • Is extremely durable making it ideal for continuous outdoor use
  • It will be fully recycled over-and-over again.

It all started 6 years ago we bought 10 fantastic recycled picnic benches. NBB’s team put them together onsite for us. The picnic benches are still in excellent condition today.” Sandra Palmer-Snellin, co-owner of Farmer Palmer’s.  “Our farm park is born from nature, hence we aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Having sustainable play equipment fits perfectly with our ongoing commitment to reduce our environmental impact.”

NBB Recycled Plastic Furniture Buddy Trim Trail at Farmer Palmers

The Buddy Balance

Installation, followed by independent certification from The Play Inspection Company took place in October 2019. After that, it was ready for Half Term Fun.

NBB have a range of play equipment and the Buddy Balance trim trail is the latest addition. Both Dorset Companies are happy to be able to install future ranges ad development continues.


To view the full range of NBB recycled plastic products, visit or call 0800 1777 052 to request your free of charge catalogue.


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