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Not-Too-Scary Halloween Ideas for Under 8s

By October 16, 2019April 1st, 2022No Comments

Are you looking for some ‘Not-too-scary’ ideas to enjoy with your little ones this Halloween?

As a parent, does the idea of your little ones heading out trick-or-treating just, erm, ‘spook’ you out a bit?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of fang-tastic fun ideas for under 8s that the whole family can enjoy this October!

1. Spooky Storytelling

Set the scene at home for some spooky storytelling. You could do this activity just as a family or invite a couple of friends around too. Close the curtains and lower the lighting, depending on how comfortable the children are; remember the idea is to make it fun, not frightening. Gather up some snacks and a story book. Take it in turns to read short stories to each other, seeing who can do the spookiest/funniest voice.

Or, make a game of it and create your own stories. One person could come up with a character, then the next person decides where they live, the next person decides where they’re going on an adventure and so on.

2. Beastly Baking

How about making your own sweet treats rather than collecting them from neighbours! There are lots of fang-tastic children’s cookery ideas on the web. Speaking of webs, check out these Spider Biscuits!

This could be an activity for Halloween evening itself or in the lead up to the evening so you have some spooky snacks ready for your trick-or-treaters or simply to enjoy yourselves during story time (see above!)

3. Creepy Crafting

Step 1: Go to Pinterest

Step 2: Search for Halloween Crafts for Kids

Ta Dah! A world of creepy crafting ideas will open up before your very eyes! 

Always ensure children get crafty under adult supervision, you do not want the living nightmare of having to scrape glue off the walls and furniture around your house!

We love the following ideas for toddlers (click each one to find out more):

Paper Plate Spiders

Pumpkin Tracing

Handprint Witches

Footprint Ghosts 

Monster Mobiles 

4. Frightfully Fun Days Out

Escape your own fears of having lots of sugar-fuelled wizards, witches and zombies running around your house – and head out to a local event or attraction to burn off that excitable energy.

There are some fang-tastic ‘not-too-scary’ children-themed Halloween events happening in Dorset this half term.

At Farmer Palmer’s, our events are created with you and your little ones in mind, specifically designed for children aged 0-8 years.

Over the past 10 years we have developed age-specific, low-key spooky activities, which run alongside the full timetable of animal demonstrations each day during October Half Term. These activities typically include; facepainting, mini monster hunt, spooktacular tractor-ride (non-spooky alternative rides also run each day) and ‘boo crew boogie!’ Adults and children are both encouraged to visit the farm park in fun (not-too-scary) fancy dress, if they wish. The whole farm park and our team, get a Happy Halloween makeover! Keep an eye out for our ‘Devious Dracula’ (Farmer Palmer) getting into the spirit of things too!

Other Attractions running ‘child-friendly’ Halloween Events (2019) include;

Ascarium‘ at Weymouth Sealife Centre
Enchanted Illuminations‘ at Abbotsbury
Spooky Fun and Pumpkin Carving‘ at Lulworth

TOP TIPS for Surviving Hallows’eve with Little Ones

1. Talk to your neighbours and agree upon a signal/code to show if you’re happy for trick-or-treaters to call at the house – this could be a pumpkin in the window or on the doorstep. Or simply a polite notice asking not to be disturbed.

2. Illuminate the front of your house well (whether you are taking part or not). It will help to keep the street lighter so those who are taking part are less like to get scared or trip/fall whilst out and about.

3. Keep it light-hearted, explain to young children about costumes and dressing up so they know what to expect. Perhaps make a game of who can make the funniest ghost noises whilst under a sheet? Or even a just a towel to introduce the concept. Parents could dress up in something subtle and silly to show children it’s just a bit of fun. A witch’s hat could be passed around each family member who has to pull a funny face when they wear it! Get creative and have fun together.

We hope you’ve found these not-too-scary ideas and tips useful for your family’s Halloween experience. Got feedback or other ideas to share? Please get in touch via our contact us page. 

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