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Re-investment Matters in Business

By March 11, 2020April 1st, 2022No Comments

Re-investment Matters in Business? This question was asked of me by a GCSE Business Studies Student. It made me consider that communicating with you, our valued clients, about what goes on behind the scenes is crucial. I am so excited our newsletter readers feel confident enough to contribute feedback to help shape the future, with us, of the Farmer Palmers that works for them

21 years ago Phill and I took our first steps into business life. As proud “parents” of the company, we’ll do everything we can to nurture and care for Farmer Palmers. Including ensuring it doesn’t fall over and never get up. We will face challenges by unitedly nursing it through sickness and health,  charting the way forward. Nurturing every aspect of our Farmer Palmer’s Experience, committed to firing on all cylinders; it means ensuring our team is top-quality and motivated to take ownership and work hard with a smile.

We strongly believe it is our responsibility to re-invest your hard-earned money in giving the best day out we can. Also putting as much of the profits back into the business can help Farmer Palmers grow and ensure our position itself for long-term success.

Getting Ready For An Awesome 2020!

We have surpassed ourselves in giving you so much of what you’ve asked for, and more.

The Fun for Your Little VIP’s

  • Awe and Wonder Halloween and Christmas Decs £2,500
  • New interactive floor game for the children            £6,000 (Open Jan 11th, 2020)
  • New Sensory Education wall panels to go up in the Little Farmers Barn £500

The Important Things Grown-Ups Need

  • Additional unisex toilets, family cubicles, and a disabled room – approx £20,000 (Open by Feb 1st, 2020)
  • 2 New coffee machines  –  bean to cup here we come  £11,000 (Due week commencing Jan 13th, 2020)
  • Renewing and additional wooden picnic benches £1,700 (Jan, 2020)
  • Recycled plastic seating benches for tired legs £2,500 (Jan, 2020)

Enhancing and Improving

  • Re-Installed our old Victorian Mill Lake £17,500The Old Mill Victorian LakeVictorian lake at farmer palmers
  • Planting of Trees onsite to help our eco-commitment £1,200.00
  • Replacing the worn-out ice cream machine £9,000
  • Replacing an oven which was exhausted £5,000


The Team

We’re not all born leaders, and tread a path of farming. The Directors and Supervisors work together in an ever-changing world. Actively seeking out innovation, eco-friendly considerations, personal training, development and customer service. Our 80 brilliant team strong workforce who include 36% under the age of 16 years old! So some lovely customer service development and ongoing training are constant.

  • Our customer service training is delivered by David Dann, who helped train the helpers at the Olympics 2012!
  • Some of our team went to London Zoo to see how it is done behind the scenes.

The Animals Need Re-Investment too 

  • Field shelters £3,000
  • New Chickens to guarantee your delicious eggs available in the shop (after we sadly lost some to a fox)
  • Security Gate at the main entrance to the animals safe at night £6,000

Some Hidden Financial Stresses On The Business in 2020

  1. Electric price increase of .02p per kWh and we use 135,000 kWh a year. Anticipated cost £2,700
  2. Increased Pension Contributions meant we absorbed a 72% increase this year.
  3. The more we use cards the more we, as a business, we pay for the pleasure. Our card payments went up 100% this year which is because we are doing so much more online and cash is disappearing.
  4. VAT: Remember 20p in every £1 you spend does not help us but goes straight past GO and off to HMRC.
  5. Living Wage Increases – Which is not a stress, just additional cost.
  6. Business Rates are under review

Future Projects, Under Development

The Contract has been signed to bring you The World of Dinosaur Roar! Activity Trail. Make sure you and your friends SIGN UP  to our newsletters to keep yourself updated. Due to Open Spring 2020.

Eco Decisions can help the planet. It started with the idea of popping 40Kw of Solar Panels on Straw Mountain’s roof. Ah, we’ll need to invest in a new roof to hold the extra weight. Then we learn you’ll need batteries to store energy for busy times. – Little Job Just Got Bigger! Thank goodness for the guidance we’ve received from Dorset Council and Southern Electric!

Final Thought

We like to keep our efforts, energy and focus on being one step ahead. After all, Nokia and Samsung relaxed and took their eye off the ball and Apple moved in. Enough said!

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