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Team Training is Key To A Great Day Out!

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Team Training is Key To Great Day Out and customers’ expectations of a fantastic experience are on the rise. As a result, values, great ethos and good communication will make all the difference to any business. Here is a little insight into some of our beliefs when training.

What to consider when training a team

  • a mission statement
  • shared values & ethos
  • vision – teamwork secures success
  • leadership & communication
  • retention  – how to be a great place to work so your team will stay
  • their expectations & freedom to be creative
  • offer specialised outside training i.e. customer service training  and SEN
  • promote friendship & helping each other
  • embrace the odd “fail” to support learning in the future
  • have clear and simple processes

Farmer Palmers Customer Service Training For All

Farmer Palmers Mission Statement

Create a mission statement that everyone can believe in. Ours is:

“To provide a day out that exceeds the Client’s expectations of a farm park. Ensure it is delivered by a happy, friendly team focused on making every client feel part of the Farmer Palmer family. Getting it right will ensure our commercial business aims for growth, profit, re-development, and efficiency is achieved by our team but still in keeping with the Farmer Palmer’s original ethos of keeping the experience of our Clients a personal one.  Resulting in a thriving business where everyone feels like a winner through a united effort.”

Vision – Teamwork Secures Success

A business’s vision is their call to action or rally cry for their desired future. Where can you be in another 20 years and what will make you stand apart from similar businesses to you?


Management is only as good at the communication and structure from the Directors through the management team. This will support the team on the ground in all they do. Understanding your USP and how you want to deliver it is key. Set clear communication, guidelines, quality standards and opportunities for team training and personal development.

How do I manage customer expectations?

Your team are your ambassadors. From pre-visit to welcome, interaction and customer service delivery they will make the difference. Keep communication clear, be transparent and ensure you resolve all questions to the best of your ability. We are human and do not always get it right, but let’s start with a dream and most of it will become a reality!

Farmer Palmers Team Learning

Team Training is Key To Great Day Out

Hey, if your target market is children, start by WOWing the kids, after all, they are the parent’s “mini-me’s”. Your team must aim to stand out by doing something that’s above and beyond what’s expected – within reason! Remember whatever your team does can have an emotional impact on the receiver. Do not be average. Employ enthusiastic people who aim to deliver a friendly personal relationship that makes people want to come back again and again.

Make Your Goal a Vision of the Future.         

  • Embrace and Drive Change
  • Be Passionate and Determined
  • Respect for People and always be polite
  • Value Personal Accountability, Integrity, and Humility.
  • Build Open and Honest Relationships through Communication
  • Build a Positive Team, Teamwork and Family Spirit
  • Maintain Cleanliness, Standards & Consistency
  • Deliver Quality resulting in Perceived Value
  • Pursue Growth and Learning
  • Take time out to allow the Creativity to Shine Through

Farmer Palmers Team Deliver Great Customer Service

Farmer Palmer’s Purpose

To stay true to your USP – Ours is “Designed for families with children 0 – 8 yrs.  encourage children to learn, explore through play and animals resulting in social development and strengthen family bonds through a day out that delivers exceptional service and lifelong memories every time.”

To try to give Clients what they are looking for – Enjoy quality time together as a family, tire the children out and make memories to last a lifetime!

Farmer Palmer’s Culture

  • Manifests from the Palmer Family humility not to be too greedy, for instance, our re-investment program is designed all-around giving back.
  • We aim to give the best of ourselves every day and be nice to customers as if they were members of our own family.
  • Everyone on the same hymn sheet comfortably working with our beliefs, values and catering to everyone’s needs.

Farmer Palmer’s original ethos of  keeping the experience of our clients a personal one is key 

Together we have successfully made Farmer Palmers a household name in Dorset and firmly fixed into the memories of families and children who grow up here.

In this decade customers now expect businesses to be generous, similarly have high standards and impress. However, forgetting this can lead to businesses becoming forgettable and your precious customers move off to the next new thing.

We want to:

  • Exceed Client expectations of a Farm Park, above all take WOW-ing children to a delightful art!
  • Build on our 22 years of success (2020), therefore enabling us to guarantee security and future proof the business to support our 80 team members in an ever-evolving world.
  • Develop our sustainability, eco contribution to the planet and align our activities to reduce the impact on the carbon footprint.
  • Build on the 20 years of growth and business success by becoming more efficient


Phillip Palmer, Farmer Palmers Director

Phillip Palmer, Farmer Palmers Director







Appreciate the Power of “Yes

In conclusion, always look for ways to help your customers. When they have a request (as long as it is reasonable) tell them that you will endeavor to do it. Look for ways to make doing business with you easy.

Sandra Palmer-Snellin, Farmer Palmers Director

Sandra Palmer-Snellin, Farmer Palmers Director







Team Training is Key To Great Day Out written by Sandra Palmer-Snellin

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