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Teddy Mountain Bear Making Birthday Party Experience Reveiwed

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Farmer Palmer’s Teddy Mountain Bear Making Party Experience Reviewed

Today we have something extra special to share with you all. We have been extremely lucky to be chosen to try out Farmer Palmer’s brand-new party – Teddy Mountain Bear Making Experience! Keep reading to find out what we thought. Check out our blog to see some of the cutest photos to bless the internet this week!

Price per child – £25 (10-20 children)

Whats included?

  • Lunch time party Host
  • Hot or cold food options (cold buffet or hot menu food – ordered a week prior)
  • Ice cream pudding
  • Party bags – included a free entry pass and birthday cake
  • Cow birthday cake and candles (Happy Birthday sang by all to your child)
  • All day unlimited access to the park
  • 2 adults’ free entry per child
  • Tractor trailer ride
  • Access to all the shows/feeding experiences
  • Teddy bear making experience for every child (30 mins)

Upon arrival

You will be greeted by the warm and friendly staff at FP’s. Your party children and adults will be given a colour and a name sticker for each child. Our friends even bought their four-legged friend along who got to stay in one of the roomy huts outside for FREE. One we had all arrived …let the fun begin!

Play Areas

We started with the bouncy castle and fun play barn area. The children loved the play barn area and the wooden trail that runs around the inside. There are many cute photo opportunities! So make sure to bring your camera!

On a beautiful day like yesterday outside play is a blessing. FP’s has many outdoor activities to do for the children including: outside bouncy castle, sandpit, outside animal pens and even a maize maze! We had around 45 minutes before our Deer Safari so decided the sandpit and outside bouncy castle looked good fun!

The children loved playing with the water buckets and on the see-saw. This is a great place for the children to run off some of their excitement in a safe environment.

Animal Activities

Off to bottle feeding lambs experience in itself that every single person involved loved. The experience was led by a wonderful lady called Zena. She made our day with her fantastic customer service and beautiful personality (keep an eye out for her when you go!).

With more than enough bottles to go around everyone got a chance to feed these little cuties even on a busy day! The children loved this experience! The look on their faces as 20+ lambs ran towards us ready for feeding really was a highlight of the day.

For £2 pp, or an extra £1 pp if you have a FP party (this is instead of the bumpy tractor ride), the Deer Safari was such an amazing experience. Many of the adults had never seen a deer up close let alone hand fed them. We all piled into the trailer behind the tractor. We cheered and clapped as we went over the bumpy track to the pen ready to feed the deer.

The wonderful ladies explained how to feed the deer and gave us two buckets of feed. There was lots of food for everyone to use. The staff even helped some of the smaller children with feeding and cupping their hands together.

Once we had fed the deer, we all used the hand sanitiser provided by the staff and back onto the bumpy ride back to the hand washing station.

Party Room Lunch Time

After a day of play everyone was ready for the party food and time to sit and time for the adults to sit down and catch their breath. A week prior to your party experience if you have chosen to go for hot food then all children will have their food served while they sit up at the party table.

Cold drinks and refillable jugs of juice and water were provided.

We also ordered 2 pizzas and 2 bowls of chips for the adults at the party (which received a hero’s welcome after a busy day with the children!) they even had a gluten free option of chicken nuggets for Richard! The food was delicious, and the children even had ice cream for dessert – sprinkles and all.

The lights dimmed and a beautiful cow cake was presented as all the staff and parents started to sing happy birthday – the atmosphere was wonderful, and Oscar was made to feel very special indeed.

Each child then received a party bag with a piece of cake and a free entry pass! How fantastic!

Teddy Bear Creation Experience

By far the best part of the day was watching the children make their very own teddy bears. Katie, the lady who ran our workshop, was fantastic with the children. She was kind and considerate when children needed help or felt overwhelmed.Building a Teddy Mountain Bear Expereince

We played games with the stuffing that would make up part of our bear, searched the party room for hidden hearts to put inside (kissed them and whispered a secret!) more stuffing and then pulled the zip tie shut closing up our brand new friends forever.

The children picked which teddy they would be creating from a magic bag – most children were happy with what they had picked from monkeys, donkeys and sheep but those who wanted to swap, Katie kindly allowed.

Once the teddies were complete, we picked names and filled in our certificates. The teddies then got to go for a ride in the teddy mountain plimsole bag provided!

This part of the day was absolutely wonderful and it was so great to see the parents and children all involved and having fun, the teddy’s are beautiful soft quality and children of any ability would be able to complete this part of the party (especially when Katie is so helpful).

And Before We Went Home

The final part of our day was the goat feeding at 4:30pm back to the lovely Zena and team, Zena loved seeing the children’s teddies and the audience all loved her passion for her job and enthusiasm for all the animals. The cheeky goats came running towards us as the crowd giggled and squirmed in excitement! We spent 15 minutes stroking and feeding the goats until it was time to say goodbye to Farmer Palmers, the animals and their wonderful staff.

Picnic Areas

There is a picnic area and several picnic benches dotted around. Enabling you to keep an eye on your little ones while enjoying beverages & cake from the cafe in between times.

My Thoughts

This is the 3rd party we have attended at Farmer Palmers but the first we have hosted. Every party has been unique, and fun filled but never the same. Every child and adult left the park buzzing and filled with joy. I cannot recommend them enough for fun days out and children’s parties! If your child has a birthday coming up why not get in touch with the great team and enquire about a teddy mountain party? You will not regret it!

I would just like to take this time to thank the whole team at Farmer Palmers for helping create the perfect party experience for everyone included, hours after people were still talking about the great day they had at the park!

Thank you of course to those of you who have taken the time to read our family fun filled blog post today and please do let us know if you have booked a party! We would love to see your pictures and share the memories!

Lots of love

Mrs O. (Mumma Ogborne)



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