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Things to do in Poole when raining

By March 26, 2018April 1st, 2022No Comments

Top Tips for curing boredom when it’s wet outside!

“I’m bored” announced the child. “I’ve got an idea!” replied the parent with confidence!

So… it’s raining! The sky is grey, the mood in your camp is low, there’s a tug on your arm and those big beautiful eyes stare into yours and here it comes “what are we going to do today?” Engage SUPERPARENT mode!

Wet weather does not mean that you have to be trapped indoors at home. You can burn off your kids’ energy in so many ways, it just takes a little extra determination and a few ideas…

What do we do?! (apart from ‘praying’ for sunshine)

Embrace it!

There is nothing better than puddle jumping or going on a rescue mission for all the creepy crawlies being washed away by the downpour.

Wrap up warm in coats and wellies or kit the kids out in all-in-one waterproofs to keep them as clean as possible when they go wild in the wet.

Mud pies are great, all your beach equipment that you save up for those few sacred days double up as fantastic mud baking tools too!

Indoor vs Outdoor!

Do some research and find the best places that have indoor and outdoor options. The indoor-only places will soon be overcrowded, so think outside the box and look for kid friendly places that offer the best of both worlds! Here at Farmer Palmer’s, we have loads of both indoor and outdoor areas, explore the map and come visit!

Make your own fun – with leaves!

For creative toddlers, getting out there (even in the rain!) is an opportunity. You could collect different leaves whilst you’re out and about, taking them home to dry, then creating a collage. Check out these leaf identification cards – something like this could spark off a real leaf hunt – the task of the day being finding each of those leaves. A fun challenge, plus teaching them a little about nature too!  

Make your own fun – indoors!

Get creative at home! Build a fort, make slime, bake! There are SO MANY great ideas out there, but you don’t have to trawl the entire internet – check out the awesome ideas on Pinterest! To make it even easier to find inspiration we’ve created a BOARD of our top pin picks!

Time for a visit to the Cinema?

If you’re planning a visit the theatre or cinema on a rainy day, make sure you’re ahead of the game – check the weather for the week ahead and pre-book your tickets. Stuck for ideas? Poole’s Tourist Information Centre (TIC) can point you in the right direction or visit Poole Lighthouse‘s web pages to see what’s on!

Dive into some local History!

Did you know that Poole History Centre dates back to the 1300s! It’s right next to Poole Quay, so if you’ve never been before, learn about the local history with a museum trip with the kids. It’s Free!

. . . and relax

When they’re all tired out from a totally non-boring wet weather day, head home, get those wellies off, run a bath and enjoy cosy cuddles on the sofa!

Ok so we can’t promise your children won’t turn into melting down monsters on a rainy day but hopefully these ideas will help you re-direct that energy into something positive!

Remember, it’s all about the memory making. They really do grow up so fast! So take a deep breath and save this blog post to your favourites as a quick reference when the Great British Weather throws you a low ball!

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