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What Happens at Farmer Palmers Farm in Summer?

By January 1, 1970April 1st, 2022No Comments

What Happens at Farmer Palmers Farm in Summer 2020. Well at the time of writing it is pretty quiet. Let me take you on a journey around our normal day from the eyes of a toddler.

Are we there yet, because I live in the moment!

Sandra listen to ice cream for breakfast to comeplet this one.


Car Park

Entrance – grown ups talking, loving the picture and games I can play on the wall. Come on mum!

Round the corner out of the shop and i can see a big barn full of bales, yippee. Mum slows me up to look at a stunning painting on the wall, but I’ll do that later. Lets Go

On my way to the Straw Mountain place with slides and ladders, I stop dead in my tracks, OH BOY, pedal tractors! And there is a tractor filling station, ramps and a little house to park at night like my parents!

Next I jump on the bouncy castle, and I want my face painted now, but mum says later.


Mum mentions bean to cup coffee and I know that means cake for me!


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