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When are the Car Boot Sales at Farmer Palmer’s?

What time of year? Car boot Sales 2021 started on 4th May 2021 and run to the 26th October 21.

When are the Car Boot Sales at Farmer Palmer’s?

Every TUESDAY Morning (Sellers gate opens 7am and buyers in from 7.30am)

Our new look Car Boot Sale is  set in the fresh air, with marked out areas for the sellers

Where?  As you drive into Farmer Palmers Drive go into the second field on your right.

Sellers drive on the right up into the top field.

Buyers drive a little further on to the 2nd open gate on the right and follow straight on.

Your buyer’s foot entrance gate is on the left side of the field. Please respect each other and do not crowd sellers who have not yet set up.


Who Will Help?

Our team is there to guide you into your selling space. Buyers, please respect their guidance. They are good-hearted people who will do their best to uphold the standards set.

wheelbarrow in the boot of farmer palmers vw beetle car boot






Times and Prices

Sellers – your GATE OPENS at 7 am, the charge is £7 per vehicle for your 6m x 10m pitch. Double pitches available.

Buyers – your GATE OPENS at 7.30 . No point arriving earlier as we give the sellers time to set up. This is different from the seller’s traffic gate in the top left of the car parking field. No charge for entry, free parking, refreshments and toilets available.

*Gate times may be flexible due to time of year/weather i.e. in Summer the sellers gate may open earlier at 6.30am

What if it is raining?

We will still be there. It will be your responsibility to check the weather and decide to come.

Our Risk Assessment Means we will do the same as last year.


  • New parking layout – you will have marked out selling space (with fence posts)
  • Sellers must not go into the square of another seller until fully unpacked and invited to inspect goods.
  • Must adhere to our 2m barrier which we will provide per pitch
  • Bring their own sanitizer and PPE as good practice.


  • New parking layout
  • Pedestrian entrance in the top right of the field.
  • Disabled Parking Area at top of Middle Field. A Marshal will try to assist you if there are still spaces left.
  • Please aim to continue using the One Direction customer flows around the sellers’ avenues to avoid free walking backward and forwards.
  • Social Distancing measures will be in place for a reason. Virus can still spread with contact.

So this summer we will open our gates to baaaargain hunters and super sellers! It’s a great reason to have a clear-out at home, make some space, and make a few £s too! Or use it as an opportunity to teach children how to make pocket money.

Please watch our facebook page for more info and dates.

If you’d like to find out more about visiting the Farm Park, please check out our Opening Times and Prices 

You can book tickets to visit Farmer Palmer’s here. (no need to pre-book for the car boot sales)

NB: We would anticipate visits from the local council and police if the gatherings are not following our new rules to help you all feel comfortable about your new look Car Boot Sales. Photography in operation

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