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When Pixies make Christmas dreams come true at Farmer Palmer’s

By December 21, 2020April 1st, 2022No Comments

We at Pixie Innovations are used to being asked to design some interesting things, but this one was certainly a first for us.

After introductions, Sandra from Farmer Palmers Farm Park told us what she was looking for. “We need to create a way of getting the children their presents from Father Christmas whilst maintaining social distancing. Oh, and the presents aren’t going to be wrapped so it would be great if the children are still surprised when they see what they are getting.”

This was most definitely going to need a lot of creative thought!

Whilst we pondered, Sandra said “And, by the way – we need it in two weeks!”

Rising to the Challenge to Help Bring Christmas to the children

After a moment to take all of this in we nodded our heads and set to work immediately. We love a challenge as much as an exciting project and it wasn’t long until we had come up with the perfect idea. An old-fashioned toy shop – complete with ‘magic’ chimney that the presents could swoop down into the fireplace to be collected by delighted, and surprised girls and boys.

As a family business, everyone took on their various roles, working many a late-night designing, cutting the wood, painting the stockings and sleigh and wallpapering walls, and the day before the grotto opened, The Olde Toye Shoppe was ready for business.

It has given us enormous satisfaction and pride to hear that the feedback has been so positive and we cannot thank Sandra and all the team at Farmer Palmers Farm Park for giving us the opportunity, which we have thoroughly enjoyed.

Here’s to a Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all the team at Pixie Innovations and should you need any kind of set design, themed party props, or even bespoke garden furniture, just get in touch with us at or call 07881 791 757. Always happy to help.

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