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Where Do I go To Buy a Cow?

Farmer Palmers Cows are as much part of family as all of our animals. David Palmer Senior has been milking dairy cows for over 60 years, and breeding quality Fresians all of his life. So he gets very excited when he and Phillip decide to go COW SHOPPING.

The farming community is a very close group where everyone knows everyone and all understand each others business. Their reputations are built on the quality of their products, their skill and knowledge working the land within the constraints of the weather.

Where did Farmer Palmer go to Find the Right Cow?

Phillip and David discussed which farmers they knew had good, quiet herds of cows to try and choose one that would have a good temperament.

At Sedgemoor Market they have a Pedigree Cattle Sale periodically. To buy a pedigree, quiet animal they travelled all the way to Bridgewater, nearly 70 miles away.

Before Phillip, David and Luke (our Animal Barn Supervisor) set off Sandra Palmer-Snellin got excited and asked for a cow that looks like a Dalmatian! Really……

The first “girl” in the ring was more black than white and they were outbid. Because of this they were quickly re-evaluating their budget!

The second cow in the ring was very pretty. Her colouring was spotty… a Doe eyed Dalmatian with a settled manner about her. She was going to be the one. Bidding was fierce but, as they say, the early bird catches the worm and getting there right at the start of the sale gave the team a head start. The hammer went down and they had just bought a cow.

How Much is a Pedigree Cow and other interesting cow facts?

So when talking money a cow is worth around £1700. Because that’s a lot less than a competition horse (between £5,000 and £45,000+) that seems good value. As a result £27.50 for a guinea pig really is excellent value.

Farmers are seeing traditional markets closing down. Recently Shaftesbury Market was closed which means the closest is now Salisbury.

We have had cow escapades over the last 21 years. A year ago we turned up for work to find 3 cows had broken in overnight to “play” around the park. Daisy, our original cow, was clever and managed to undo a gate! The poop trail told us exactly what they had been up to. That won’t happen again.

Oh and the day that Sharon got into Phillip’s house once and left a present…………… now that’s another story.

Where Do I go To Buy a Cow written by Sandra Palmer. Dated 18th April 2019.

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