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Have you ever wondered why farms are great for developing motor skills in children?

Introducing guest bloggers; Wendy and Jane from Storycises!

Wendy and Jane holding farm books

Wendy and Jane are here to tell us why farm parks are a great way of encouraging experimentation and practice of important gross motor skills for children.

We know that over the last two years it has been hard to ensure that our little ones get all the experiences that their older siblings would have done. Here’s how you can do that at Farmer Palmer’s.

The Tractor Ride

Getting up and into the tractor trailer promotes strength and balance, especially if you let children try this their own way. It may take a few seconds longer, but practice is essential.

Sitting on a bench and travelling over the bumpy fields is great for working body position sense and balance reactions. Looking around helps to develop visual skills, like focusing on things a parent/guardian points to in the distance. Or you could encourage little ones to move their eyes to track moving objects, for example watching the animals in the fields you pass.

The Trim Trail

There are lots of obstacles to challenge a developing body in this section of the farm park. To go over, under, through, around, balance across, and jump into – will all challenge your little one’s ability to plan movement. It will help to develop body awareness, visual perception (making sense of what you see, like a change in depth) and all over body strength and coordination. The Trim Trail is situated on the path to the World of Dinosaur Roar Discovery Trail at Farmer Palmer’s.

Little boy in straw mountain at Farmer Palmers

Straw Mountain

Climbing up and onto the hay bales in Straw Mountain, and organising their bodies to slide down the various slides will work on balance, strength, motor planning and overall fitness and stamina. Especially when you ask them to repeat and repeat, being there just in case they need you but on the whole just letting them explore. In all indoor play areas there are plenty of opportunities for your child to experience. Let them experiment with what they can do, even if it looks a little bit odd, it’s all part of child development.

We hope we have given you a few ideas, keep an eye out for Part 2 of our guest blog series. Farm parks are a great physical day out, go explore!

Wendy and Jane, Storycises 

Why farms are great for developing motor skills in children, published 29th March 2022


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