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Bambi, our Roe Deer Fawn is Fit and Well

By June 5, 2019April 1st, 2022No Comments

Baby Roe Deer Fawn Hi everyone, I am fit and well and wanted to let you know I am doing so well since I joined the Farmer Palmers Farm Park family in May.

My story can be followed on Facebook.

I am growing fast therefore my needs are changing. I am excitable, curious and love to bound around and lay hide and seek in the long grass.

Thanks for the love and warmth from everyone, but I need what is best for me! By nature my breed is solitary and loves peace and quiet. I tried a new location at the Farm Park but believe it or not I find noisy little humans a little disconcerting.

Luke and I walking in the Paddock

Happiness is Playing in the Orchard Meadow

Covering My Story

I have been lucky enough to meet someone who knows a lot about Roe deer by studying them in their natural habitat. He contacted us to document my life growing up as an imprinted deer.

“My aim would be to produce a monthly update on Bambi’s progress to go on my website that is currently being built, and of course, provide you with any photographs that I’m able to take.” Mark. He is also a teacher at a local school so I am told, but frankly all I am really interested in is playing, drinking my milk and sleeping. Bye for now.

Editor Note: Although Mark’s page is under construction he is happy to share it with you. His study over the past year has been patient and well put together.

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