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Bump to Baby Trial Pass Update

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Update 10.11.20

Following the November lockdown; if we are able to re-open the Farm Park before 22.12.20 we will honour any existing Bump to Baby Trial Passes for admission only Monday – Friday.

If we cannot open before 22.12.20, sadly we cannot extend these trial passes further. We apologies for any inconvenience.

What’s in this Bump to Baby Trial Pass Update?

  • Find out when your trial passes are valid in 2020 (see chart)
  • Find out when you will be able to reserve your visits online
  • Find out how to reserve your visits online
  • Watch our explainer videos
  • Find out what to do if you haven’t collected/activated your trial pass yet

Hi Mums and Dads!

We want to thank you for your incredible patience and understanding over the past few months.

We know you’re keen to get back to us and start using your trial passes again.

We also understand your babies have still been growing and developing during lock-down.
Tia and the team have been working hard behind the scenes to extend your trial card expiry dates so they will be valid this Autumn.

We have had to “phase-in” the validation/activation of 2020 trial passes to ensure we do not breach the social distancing guidelines; whilst keeping our promise to welcome you back to the park.

Thank you once again for staying with us, we look forward to seeing you and your beautiful babies around the farm park this Autumn.

Sandra Palmer

When will MY Bump to Baby Trial Pass be valid in 2020?

If you collected and activated your Bump to Baby Card before the lock-down

  • If you collected your trial pass in JANUARY 2020 (we owe you a month) – you can use your pass for FREE entry from 1st September to 30th September 2020
  • If you activated your trial pass in FEBRUARY 2020 (we owe you 2 months) – you can use your pass for FREE entry from 15th September to 15th November 2020
  • If you activated your trial pass in MARCH 2020 – you can use your pass for FREE entry from 29th September until we close for Christmas in December 2020.

(YOUR visit reservations will be OPEN from 27th August – the team are working to this deadline to make sure we have your passes updated on the system)


If you didn’t collect and activate your trial before lock-down; AND you have let us know you still want your trial (in response to our email sent during the week of 17th August), you can use your pass for FREE entry from 1st October until we close for Christmas in December 2020.

(Your visit reservations will be open from 26th September – the team are working to this deadline to make sure we have your passes updated on the system)
If you didn’t tell us you still wanted your trial we have not added you to the system.

If you DO still want your trial, you will need to email ASAP.

Include the following:

Full Name
Telephone number
Baby’s DOB
Please note there may be a 14 working day interval before we can create your trial pass. The team will let you know when your pass has been set up.

This will not be before 1st October 2020.

Conditions for ALL Bump to Baby Trial Pass Holders

  • Bump to Baby Trial Passes will only be valid Monday – Friday for the remainder of 2020
  • There will be NO BUMP to BABY Trial Pass Entry during October Half Term 2020.
  • SUPER IMPORTANT: You MUST RESERVE your visits online prior to coming. Although your pass is valid for free entry, it is still essential to reserve your visits via our online system for track and trace reasons (Instructions on how to do this in the next section.)
  • ALL Bump to Baby Trial Passes will expire at the end of our 2020 season.
  • We are going to review this promotion in January 2021. We will not be offering any NEW applications in 2020.

Unsure when you activated your Bump to Baby Trial Pass? You can sign in to your customer portal to find out – instructions below.

How do I reserve my visits?

As I’m sure you can appreciate, we’ve had to drastically reduce admission numbers to be able to comply with government guidelines on social distancing.

This means all visitors to the farm park have to pre-book so we can keep an eye on how many people are on the farm at any time.

September Admission is now split into:

Morning Sessions (9am-1pm)
Afternoon Sessions (2pm-5.30pm)
The farm park will close between 1 pm – 2 pm each day for cleaning.
Opening times are subject to change and government guidelines.
Tickets are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. So you need to be organised to secure your visit!

We recommend booking at least 48 hours in advance.

Please follow these instructions to reserve your visits to Farmer Palmer’s (or WATCH the videos below):

  1. Head to
  3. If you haven’t logged in before, click “Forgot Password” this will enable you to sign-in to your Customer Portal and reserve your visits
  4. Enter the Email Address you signed up for your trial pass with
  5. The system will send you instructions to create your password (please allow an hour for this, and check your junk/spam folders too in case the instruction email is delivered there by mistake)
  6. Once you have your password, log in and reserve your visit. You only need to reserve visits for you/your partner (valid trial pass members). You do not need to reserve your baby’s visit.
  7. You will receive an Email Confirmation of your booking, we do not send tickets out.
  8. Please read the information regarding Cancellations:
  9. Have a farm-tastic visit!

If you have any problems signing into your portal please contact us via – please include your name, contact number, pass number (if you know it), and your enquiry.

Bump to Baby Trail Pass Queries

Please EMAIL your query to
We are still running on limited teams and this is the best/most efficient way to have your query answered as quickly as possible by Tia, our “Bump to Baby Guru”.

Include the following in your email:

✔ Full Name

✔ Phone Number

✔ Your Query

Many thanks

What are visitors saying about our Safety Measures?

“Long awaited visit to FP’s this pm with 5,4 & 1 year olds. We all had a great time and felt very safe. You guys are doing a great job, as always staff are so friendly and helpful and all the facilities and play areas/activities are in great condition and being cleaned regularly. We will be back very soon. Thank you xxx”

“Excellent place, by far the best prepared place I’ve been after this pandemic friendly staff we arrived an hour later than our ticket allowed and we managed to take our son round most of the play areas with little to no other people in there! Enjoyable with no added socially distanced worries.”

“Myself and my sister returned back to our second home with our boys!! It was great to back!! We all enjoyed being back and all the staff that were there, they all did such an amazing job keeping within the safety guidelines and for being on hand to take any questions we made wanted to know!! Special thanks to Farmer Palmer himself, Katie, Jen, Debbie and all the other staff … Thank you so so much for all the hard work and hard efforts to make Farmer Palmer’s as safe as can be!! We can’t wait to be back again!!”

Applications remain closed for NEW Bump to Baby Trial Passes

YOU (our existing trial pass holders) are our priority this Autumn.

We have made the difficult decision to keep applications closed for the remainder of 2020.

We want to ensure you have a comfortable visit with your little ones. The feedback we’ve received regarding how reduced numbers of visitors makes our guests feel safe is the driving force behind this decision.

Based on our visitor data from previous years; we have created a format for our ticket availability to ensure paying public, full annual pass holders and existing bump to baby trial pass holders ALL have the opportunity to visit the farm park.

At this time, and in line with Government Guidelines, there is simply no space for us to provide additional, safe, free trial pass entry.

If/when restrictions are lifted we will re-evaluate the situation. But for now; your Bump to Baby Trial Passes are SUPER exclusive, we hope you will enjoy using them this Autumn/Winter.

Thank you for your continued support.

From the Palmer Family and all the Team



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