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Child’s Farmer Palmer’s VIP Platinum Pass

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Child’s Farmer Palmer’s VIP Platinum Pass is a new idea we are developing for 2022.

Many of you stay with us over the years as your tiny tots turn into toddlers, start school, and then suddenly they’re 8 years old! Time flies when your having farm park fun!

So, to make life easy, help you save money, and reward you for your loyalty, we’re considering introducing a Child’s Farmer Palmer’s VIP Platinum PassValid until your child turns 9 years old!




Beat inflation and lock in your family fun for many years to come!

What’s included FREE with this pass:

  • Admission to Farmer Palmer’s for the Platinum Pass Holder until they turn 9
  • Tractor Rides for the Platinum Pass Holder until they turn 9
  • Farmer Christmas Experience in 1st year the pass is purchased
  • One of our own Farmer Palmer Cuddly Cows
  • Subscription to LIVE on the FARM for 1st year
  •  Adopt our Animals Package for 1st year (you can choose from 4 different animals!)
  • Farmer Palmer logo’d items goody bag
  • Birthday Child for any parties booked before the Pass Holder turns 9

Child’s Farmer Palmer’s VIP Platinum Pass

As admission and pass prices increase year on year, being a VIP Platinum Pass Holder will be worth it’s weight in gold!

Farmer Palmer’s VIP Platinum Passes are going to be an inflation busting £499 each in 2022.


– Is there an option to upgrade existing passes to a VIP Platinum Pass? YES

– Is there an option to downgrade a VIP Platinum Pass if we’re not visiting enough? SORRY, NO

– Can I pay in instalments? YES! Over 3 months on our ‘easy pay’ plan

– Is the VIP Platinum Pass just for children? YES

– What does the VIP Platinum Pass look like? Shhh it’s a surprise! We’re currently in the design stage but we can tell you it’s going to be a very special, beautifully packaged, tactile and eye-catching little number!

Do you have any further questions?

Before we launch we’ll be putting together a list of FAQs to help you decide if this is the right pass for you. Please send us your questions using the button below.

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