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Congratulations Mummy Pig!

By October 12, 2016April 1st, 2022No Comments

Congratulations to Daisy, our gorgeous Kune Kune pig who gave birth to a beautiful litter of baby piglets on Mon 10th October 2016.

Our amazing Animal Barn team were on hand to help her deliver the piglets and check on Daisy throughout the 2 and half hours of labour! Well done to Luke, Emma, Jen and Jess, you are excellent midwives!

They have a special heat lamp in their pen to keep them warm and they will be coming out to meet you in our Trotter Time demonstration when they are a bit older. Daisy’s a great mum and feeds the piglets lots of times throughout the day so you may catch a glimpse of them having their milk too!

You can come along and see the very cute piglets with their Mum in the Animal Barn, everyday from 10am.

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