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Can I use cash at Farmer Palmer’s?

You may be wondering if Farmer Palmer’s still takes cash? The answer is most definitely YES!

Contactless card payments have become increasing popular as a payment method over the last few years, particularly in light of the pandemic.

As our admission tickets and pass holder bookings are now all handled online, you may be wondering if you still need to bring cash to the farm park when you visit.

Whilst we prefer you to use contactless card payments in the gift shop and restaurant, you will need cash for the tractor rides and deer feeding experience.

Cuddly Soft Toys in Farmer Palmer's Gift Shop

Problems with Cashless Payments vs Paying by Cash

Since we re-opened in April 2021 we have noticed many visitors haven’t been bringing cash with them for these extra activities. We trialled a token system initially but this hasn’t been very successful, and there is no difference between sanitised coins and sanitised tokens.

So, to prevent you having to pop back to the car, we advise you bring cash with you if you want to take part in these activities.

The tractor trailer ride is £1 per person and the deer feeding experience is £2 per person (at the time of writing).

As a last resort, we are able to offer a cashback service at our till points.


Clean Change

Our tractor drivers/deer experience drivers will have a sanitised bag of coins available if you don’t have the exact change to pay for the ride.

Family on Tractor Trailer Ride at Farmer Palmer's

Why are we doing this?

Having multiple payment schemes for the tractor/deer rides (cash, tokens, card payments in the shop, card payments in the hen house) is overcomplicated for our accounting and we are charged card fees for all transactions, even if they are just £2. This is not economical for the business and we don’t want our visitors to have to spend their time queuing for card payments for such a low amount.

Don’t worry, you can still use up any existing tokens if you have them.

From 21st April we are going back to cash only at the tractor/deer experience pay point. It wasn’t broken so we don’t need to fix it.

Go on, raid that piggy bank and giggle with delight on the bouncy tractor trailer rides. It’s such fun!

Last updated 20th April 2021



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