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Update for Annual Pass Holders 14.01.2021

Recent questions from our Pass Holders:

“Hi, I have today received a reminder that my annual pass is due for renewal. However, I am a little confused as to whether I really need to renew at this point as we do not know when the park will be able to reopen. Please could you confirm how you expect annual pass holders to proceed at this time bearing in mind the ever-changing situation.”

“Our passes ran out at the end of December & we only have a month to buy them at discount prices. Will this be extended to buy them in Feb when hopefully you will be open again? Just don’t want to buy now in case it’s a further lockdown?? If someone to get back to me that would be fab. We have had passes for years & don’t want to be paying full price for 5 of us. Many thanks”

We hear you!

RENEWALS: Does your pass expire in lockdown?

Thank you for your patience.

Despite a small technical blip (thank you to the pass holder who pointed this out!), we have now frozen the price of your renewals at 2020 prices for the current lockdown, as a gesture of goodwill.

This means you can still renew your passes within your customer portal at 2020 prices during the current lockdown – yay!

We are amending the Renewal Reminder system behind the scenes to facilitate this. So please read your renewal reminder emails carefully.

Under normal circumstances, the renewal price increases if you don’t renew within 30 days of expiry. We’re changing that to help you.

We appreciate you are unable to visit at this time but don’t want to miss out on your renewal discount.

Remember, it is your choice whether to renew your passes or not, by extending the discount period we hope you will stay with us.

You only have to visit 4 times in 2021 to make your passes excellent value for money! Of course, we hope you’ll come to see us more than that!

And, don’t forget we have “The World of Dinosaur Roar” launching this year too!


You can renew your passes up to one month in advance of the expiry date via your customer portal
Renewals will be INCREASING to 2021 prices one week before we re-open (so to get the best price make sure you renew before then.)
You will need to renew your passes before we re-open to be able to book your visits. All Annual Pass Holder visits in 2021 will need to be pre-reserved as was the case in 2020.


Interested in buying a BRAND NEW Pass? These are still available online, and your new pass won’t start until the first day we RE-OPEN in 2021. They will then be valid for 12 months from that start date (unless you’re purchasing for a two year old, as their pass will only be valid until they turn three).

Please note, due to the impact of lockdowns on the business, we are unable to give back any lost time due to forced closure. Please bear this in mind before purchasing passes.


If you bought a pass in 2020 and feel you won’t get enough use from it due to lockdowns you can apply for a refund. The terms and conditions do state we do not offer refunds but feel it is only fair to look at any requests on a case by case basis. If we can help we will try. The deadline for refund requests is 1st Feb 2021.

Our team will

  • Look at how much you paid (renewal or new pass price)
  • Analyse your pass use
  • Deduct the value of your admissions to date (weekend/weekend prices vary)
  • Refund you minus the cost of any visits you’ve made since purchase.

For example, if you bought your pass in September for £X and have visited twice, we will take off the cost of 2 visits £Y and refund you £Z.

Please bear in mind if you then want to purchase another pass in 2021, you will be charged the NEW pass price.

Remember, you only have to use your pass 4 times and then you are visiting for free for the rest of the year.

As always, the choice is yours.


Annual Passes: Frequesntly Asked Questions

Q – I have purchased a NEW annual pass, when will this start?
A – If you purchased a pass during lockdown the pass will start on the date of reopening (we do not yet know this date). If you purchased your pass while we are open, the pass will start on the date of purchase or the child’s 2nd birthday.

Q – I renewed my pass during lockdown, will this start at the date of renewal or when you re open?
A – The pass will start on the date of renewal. We have held the 2020 renewal price. We anticipate the price will increase to the 2021 prices the week before we re-open. (We do not yet know the date of this).

Q – Are passes being extended due to lockdown?
A – We extended all passes during first lockdown 1.0. We are now following clause 6 of an Annual Pass terms and conditions (Should we be forced to close due to circumstances beyond our control, we regret memberships cannot be extended or refunded.)

Q – Can you tell me when my pass is due expire?
A – You can check the expiry date of any pass linked to your account. To check the date, you will need to log into your account.

Q – We did not use our pass last year due to lockdown; can I have a refund?
A – Please email your request to we will look at each request on an individual basis. There are many different factors we must take into consideration before we can offer a refund.

Q – When will my pass start if I buy/renew during lockdown?
A – New Pass: If you buy a new pass during lockdown your pass will start on the date of re-opening
Renewal: If you renew your pass during lockdown your pass will start on the date you renew it. If you are renewing it early, it will start on the date its due to expire.

Q – What is the price of my renewal?
A – We have held the 2020 renewal price. We anticipate the 2021 price to start the week before we re-open. We have temporarily removed the 30-day renewal cut off. So, if you renew after 30 days you will still be charged the 2020 renewal price. This will be turned back on once we are open.

Q – When are you re-opening?
A – We are unsure of when we will be re-opening. We are awaiting the government announcement.


If you have further questions please use to contact our team.

Please allow at least 72 hours for a response.

Lockdown update for Annual Pass Holders published 14.01.2021, updated with FAQs 16.02.2021

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