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Our Early Bird tickets are flying off the shelves! We are selling our Christmas tickets to see Farmer Christmas at our 2023 price until the 30th June 2024. After this date (1st July 2024), they will be increasing to our 2024 price. Since we have been promoting it, we have already had a merry

104 tickets booked!

for both our Daytime and Twilight Christmas event. Currently the most popular daytime date is Saturday 14th December, whereas the most popular date for our Twilight event is Saturday 21st December.

For all of you planners, money savers, and Christmas lovers, you only have 1 month left as this offer finishes on Sunday 30th June 2024 so make sure you BOOK TODAY!

  1. Book Daytime Tickets here.
  2. Book Twilight Tickets here.

Here’s everything you need to know about Christmas at Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park for 2024, what our experience includes, what the difference between Daytime and Twilight is, and everything in between.

So read below to find out more, and secure your EARLY BIRD DAYTIME or EARLY BIRD TWILIGHT tickets before they run out!

Daytime Christmas Experience

  • Weekend Dates: 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 20th – 23rd December 2024
  • Weekend Times: 10am – 4pm

Read on for FAQs and find out what happens during the Daytime Christmas Experience.

  • Weekday Dates: 18th and 19th December
  • Weekday Times: 10am – 3pm

Last year, we found that some of your children benefitted from a quieter Christmas celebration during the week. So, we are doing the same this year, at a reduced price!

You will still be able to walk through our magical barn, meet Farmer Christmas, and collect a gift from the Ye Olde Toy Shoppe! There will just be fewer staff as some of our elves will be helping behind the scenes, getting ready for the weekends.

Farmer Christmas will be sitting from 11am – 12pm so make sure you arrive by 10.30am to get an early slot.

Please note:

  1. Families can see Farmer Christmas in groups, and parents DO NOT need to pay for daytime experience tickets, only admission to the farm park.
  2. Select your admission tickets, and then include your Daytime Christmas Experience tickets as a bolt-on upon checkout, simply use the button below.


Twilight Christmas Experience

  • Dates: 13th, 14th, 19th – 23rd December
  • Time: 4.45pm – 6.30pm/7.30pm

Read on for FAQs and find out what happens during the Twilight Christmas Experience.

As part of the Twilight experience, children are treated to a complimentary meal, with a menu of choices accessible via the clicking the button below. Whilst adults can enjoy mulled wine (alcoholic and non-alcoholic options available) or receive £3 off their meal or drink at the Hen House Restaurant (T&C’s apply).

As the evening unfolds, children can explore the indoor play areas, including soft play, a straw mountain, the Little Farmers Barn, and pedal tractors. Before you head home, don’t forget to explore the gift shop for stocking fillers!

View the Twilight Menu Here!


Christmas Choirs – FREE Event

  • Dates: Sunday 8th & 15th December
  • Time: 3pm

What other way to bring Christmas to life than the immersing yourself in the sounds, cheer, and laughter that the jolly season gives? We have invited the Aphrodites Singers (also known as the Disney Duo – who joined us for summer 2023) to join us on the Sunday 8th December, and the Academy Singers of Poole Academy of Dance on Sunday 15th December for a heart warming celebration!

Gather your family, bundle up into the Hen House restaurant at 3pm, and bring the holiday spirit to life!


Book Daytime Tickets Here.

Book Twilight Tickets Here.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What happens on the day/night?

As you and your family arrive at the park, you’re greeted by cheerful reception elves who allocate a special time slot to meet Farmer Christmas (Daytime visitors please make sure by 11.30am, Twilight tickets holders please arrive by 4.45pm)!

As the anticipation builds and you enter inside the barn, you step into a winter wonderland! You can wander through a snowy forest, encountering Oddsocks the mischievous elves. You can pose for photos on Farmer Christmas’ gleaming sleigh and join in the joyous chorus of Christmas carols with the singing reindeer. Laughter will fill the air as your children dance in the snow…

Then, the most awaited moment arrives, as the curtains draw, families are invited to share their Christmas wishes with Farmer Christmas himself! Children’s eyes light up as they talk to the jolly man in red. Afterward, it’s a visit to Ye Olde Toy Shoppe, where your little ones can speak with the elves and collect their presents from the chimney.

This is our BIGGEST, BRIGHTEST Christmas event at the farm park, and we have lots of surprises for you!

2. Do I need to book for a babe in arms?

If you have an under 2/babe in arms who is accompanying you into the barn with another child (who has a ticket), you do not need to buy them a separate ticket – unless you want them to receive a gift from Farmer Christmas.

We do not let families into the Christmas Barn Experience unless they have at lease one Child’s Experience Ticket.


For More Information…

  • Call us on 01202 622022. 
  • Email us at 
  • Find out more about Christmas events, click here


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