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You may be wondering what the Sold Out Ticket Policy is at Farmer Palmer’s? This article is here to help you.

Welcome desk at Farmer Palmer's

Why do we limit tickets?

We limit tickets because we have put a lot of effort into calculating a safe, socially distant capacity around the farm park.

The daily split between annual pass holders and non-pass holders is calculated based on historic customer usage of Farmer Palmer’s and is both fair and reasonable.

When should you book your tickets?

We recommend booking your tickets at least 48 hours in advance, especially now the summer holidays have started. Click here to book your tickets. with the Buy Tickets Button

What happens if you book the wrong date?

Swapping booking dates incurs a 50% ticket value charge. It can only be done within 28 days of the original booking date, subject to availability. You will need to email

  • Valid phone number
  • Order details
  • Suggested alternative date

Beautiful Sunset with mist tree and tractor at Farmer Palmers

Important Information

It is imperative that visitors double-check their dates before entering their payment information.

We do not refund tickets.

We are unable to release any additional tickets once capacity has been reached as this will put us in breach of our social distancing rules, please don’t ask us to do this.

Thank you for your understanding and for helping us keep the park safe for you.

“Sold Out Ticket Policy” published by Emma, July 2020. Updated March 21



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