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February 2021 Update from Farmer Palmers

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Your questions answered . . .

“When are you reopening?”

We anticipate reopening on 12th April 2021.

Following the announcement on the 22nd of Feb, we are now awaiting the small print from the Government. Checking with our local council, the NFAN, and other governing bodies to get a feel for what we will be able to reopen. Please bear with us, as always we want to make sure we get this right for all of us. You’re in safe hands.

As we juggle which buildings are considered indoor and outdoor (i.e. big barn), Indoor Play will not be until May I’m afraid. But, in the meantime, we can all keep up our communication and we will give you phased emails to keep you up to speed as soon as we know what the hospitality industry and farm parks are doing.

We anticipate reopening on the 12th of April
But . . . we have a lot to think about and assess before then. We’ll keep you updated via email and our social pages.

IMPORTANT: We are in the final stages of testing our new ticketing system. Please be patient with us, we’re not able to say you can book or reserve spaces until we’ve announced it is LIVE.

So please bear with us and DO NOT try to make bookings or reservations BEFORE at least the middle of March. Don’t worry we will let you know in all the usual ways.


Car boot sale staff in hi viz at Farmer Palmer's

“When Are You Re-Opening The Car Boots?”

The Ground is currently like a soggy sponge! It is for this reason that we usually open in May. If we have the next few weeks of drying weather then we will review the date. Our ground is precious and we will not rush this re-opening, but open we will at some point.

“Are Farmer Palmers Running Birthdays in 2021?”

Sadly not as we were allowed to do before. Due to the high demand for places on the Farm Park anticipated in 2021, and with the things we learnt last year, we are NOT CURRENTLY TAKING ANY BIRTHDAY PARTY BOOKINGS.

That said, we are trying to develop an “add-on” option of a meal, party bags, and Birthday Child Experience that you could arrange in advance of your own bookings for your time with us.

Please let me know what you would love us to offer.


Farmer Palmer cuddling a goat kid

“How do I request a Birthday Shout Out?”

Thank you all so much for your incredible support!

We’ve had a lot of requests from customers/Facebook followers asking if they could donate anything towards the park in return for the Birthday Videos Phil has been recording.

Although at first, we were a little shy, we’ve run with your idea and our Birthday Shout Outs are now available to purchase from our online shop.

There are two options

£5 for NEW birthday shout out requests
£4.50 for those who have already had a video but still wanted to make a donation
We are humbled by your generosity, every little helps.

If you would like a Farmer Palmer birthday shout-out for your special little VIP please visit our online shop. Thank you so much.


Farmer Palmer's Rainbow 'Give back' Bear

“How do I buy a Rainbow Bear?”

The rainbow has now become a nationally recognised symbol for supporting the NHS. We love rainbows at Farmer Palmer’s, and we love the NHS too! So we’re donating £2.00 from every Rainbow Bear sold* to our local NHS Hospital Charities at the end of the year.

If you’d like to buy a bear and make a difference, please just click here.

(*Available whilst stocks last)


“Are you doing anything for Mother’s Day this year?”

As we’ll still be closed for Mother’s Day we put our thinking caps on and came up with an alternative way for you to show Mum how much she means to you . . . How about Farmer Palmer? Wearing a Tux? With an adorable animal? Wishing your Mum a very happy Mother’s Day?

We’ll even send her a box of Milktray in the post!

LIMITED AVAILABILITY – There are only 50x V.I.M (Very Important Mum) videos up for grabs! They are £20 each and are available from the Farmer Palmer Shop website page. All orders need to be completed by 7th March 2021. Full details on the product page.


Annual Pass for Farmer Palmer's Farm Park Dorset

Annual Pass Frequently Asked Questions

You may have questions about your Annual Pass. As the team is still on furlough we would really appreciate it if you can check if your question has been answered below BEFORE contacting us. Of course, if you still need help, you can reach us at

Q – When are you re-opening?

A – We are unsure of the exact date when we will reopen but are working towards the 12th of April at the time of writing this newsletter. We will open visit reservations approx. 10-14 days prior to opening.

Q – I have purchased a NEW annual pass, when will this start?

A – Your new pass start date will be the date we re-open. You will be able to log into the pass system to reserve your visits, reservations will be open approx. 10-14 days prior to opening. You will need the email address that you used to buy your passes and you will need to create a password. All this can be done via this link: Annual Pass Customer Portal

If you purchase your pass while we are open, the pass will start on the date of purchase or the child’s 2nd birthday.

Q – I renewed my pass during the lockdown, will this start at the date of renewal or when you reopen?

A – All renewals start on the date you renewed. You received a discounted renewal price as a goodwill gesture to cover the lockdown months

Q – When do the 2021 NEW Annual Pass prices start?

A – We anticipate the 2021 price to start approx.1 week before the park reopens to fall in line with our 2021 pricing structure.

Q -Will I get the 2020 price if I renew in March – in time to book online?

A – Yes, we have held the 2020 renewal price. We have temporarily removed the 30-day renewal cut-off. So, if you renew 30 days after your normal expiry date you will still be charged the 2020 renewal price (until a week before we re-open). This will be turned back on once we are open.

Q – Are passes being extended due to lockdown?

A – We extended all passes during the first lockdown. We are now following clause 6 of Annual Pass terms and conditions (Should we be forced to close due to circumstances beyond our control, we regret memberships cannot be extended or refunded.)

Q – Can you tell me when my pass is due to expire?

A – You can check the expiry date of any pass linked to your account. To check the date, you will need to log into your account.

Q – We did not use our pass last year due to lockdown; can I have a refund?

A – Because we are nice, we will look at your usage and deduct it from the price you paid. We look at each request on an individual basis. There are many different factors we must take into consideration before we can offer a refund. Please email your request to


“Can I use my Free Family Entry Ticket in 2021?”

Yes, but you must contact to make your visit reservation. These tickets are not compatible with our Online Ticketing System, therefore your visit will need to be pre-arranged with our team manually. Please email the team with your phone number and preferred visit date. There are limited spaces available for allocation so please give us at least 7 days’ notice to try and arrange your preferred date with you. We cannot guarantee availability but the more notice we have, the more likely we can book you in.


“How do I get in touch with Farmer Palmer’s during a lockdown?”

Annual Pass Enquiries: Email

General Enquiries: Email

You can also contact us via Messenger on Facebook but please allow at least 72 hours for a response.

February 2021 Update from Farmer Palmers by Sandra Palmer (Director). Published 02.03.21

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