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How to check your Annual Pass Expiry Dates

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You may be wondering how to check your Annual Pass Expiry Dates. You’ve come to the right place!

“I purchased my Annual Pass Online – how do I check my expiry dates?”

Thank you for using our Online System! All you need to do is visit your portal and SIGN IN HERE

login using the email address and password you set up at the time of purchasing.

Sign in button is on the top right.

Forgot your password? No problem! You can click the button to request a new one and re-set it (see image)

“I purchased my Annual Pass in the shop – how do I check my expiry dates?”

Great news! As an Annual Pass Holder your account/customer portal is all set up ready for you.

  • All you need is the email address you gave us when you signed up for an Annual Pass.
  • Please visit  your ACCOUNT sign in and use the password set up link as above.

This will enable you to create your own password, simply follow the instructions on the emails you receive.

Still having problems logging in?

We’re here to help. You can email our admissions team on and they will help you as soon as possible.

Lost Time Facts

We extended passes in the first lockdown as a gesture of goodwill.

Sadly we do not have a button to freeze or extend varying expiry dates like the big companies. It too weeks to process them all.

Therefore we exercised our no extensions, no refunds policy in lockdown 2 & 3.

What we did do for everyone is hold the 2020 annual pass prices until 3rd April 2021.

We did turn off the additional costs defaults if you did not renew in 30 days, and kept all details within the system ready for you to renew when you are ready.

All passes can only be renewed 30 days before they expire.

Thank you for your continued support and for being a valued member of our ‘family’.

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