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January 2021 Update from Farmer Palmer’s

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Taking time out, to look ahead

Trying to look ahead for the next 5 years, while we have a moment to pause has been thought-provoking. It gives us the opportunity to look at specific areas of our business from your point of view and see if improvements are practicable. That’s quite revolutionary and for that I thank you! Please keep in touch with your ideas and feedback because it helps us keep connected. Here is your January 2021 update from Farmer Palmer’s.

Bee on a yellow flower

Being busy bees in lockdown

What would you do with the Farm Park in a Lockdown? It is eerily quiet without you, again. As you would expect we’ll be looking after the animals so they are well fed, with fresh water, yummy hay, and somewhere to sleep!

Behind the scenes, we have not been idle. In January and February, we have to remain positive and forward-thinking to survive. That said, we also recognise that border importing regulations are causing problems for some of our suppliers so we have bravely invested in all of our 2021 stock for the shop already!

What else have we been up to?

  • Phil has been manually pruning the overflow car park hedge.
  • Our pregnant flock of sheep are now in the fields close to the farm filling up on the grass to give their babies a great start in life.
  • Sandra has been arranging the annual inspections and ensuring all servicing is being done, even if a little early as it is so much easier when the park is closed.
  • We are re-inventing how our Voucher Scheme will work with new technology for 2021
  • We are looking into “adopt an animal” packages i.e. adopt cows / donkeys / goats / guinea pigs

So as you can see, we are thinking ahead in this quiet time, trying to do things a little better and doing things differently. Oh and of course taking more time with our beloved family.

Brown and White Calves in a Barn

Animal update

Pat’s calves are both doing really well, and have featured several times in Farmer Palmer’s Birthday Videos! They seem to like the camera!

The donkeys have been enjoying the frosty mornings down on the farm (you’ll want to turn your sound on for this one!)

And, we’ve some udder new arrivals!

Mandy the Cow gave birth to her beautiful baby on Sunday 24th January and Minty gave birth on Tuesday to her gorgeous calf “Marmite”!.

All mummies and babies are doing well in the Moovelous Maternity Ward, our midwife has done a great job!

Brown Calf born at Farmer Palmers


Reducing our paper use

In winter 2020 one mum suggested we cut back on paper, did she have a crystal ball?

“I visited another farm park which had the times of the feedings/attractions on a chalkboard on the way in and encouraged visitors to take a photo of it on their phone so they had it with them all day. This may save paper on all the timetables you give out. Love Farmer Palmer’s”

Thank you all for helping us by taking a photo of our timetable rather than using paper. An awesome idea, and you have helped us reduce our timetable paper use by 99% A terrific green improvement!!


Snowdrops in Springtime at Farmer Palmers

The signs of Spring

Snowdrops are in a race to open their blooms to early bees before the trumpets of the daffodils. Do you have flowers brave enough to show themselves in February?

The original snowdrop has one beautiful white tear flower drooping down from the stem. The name Galanthus Nivalis translates as “milk flower of the snow” Makes sense! Thanks to Minterne Gardens for that quote.


Birthday videos have gone BONKERS!

Thank you to everyone who has sent in their Birthday video requests this month! It’s been keeping Farmer Palmer very busy! We hope you’re enjoying watching them on our Facebook Page.

If you’d like to put in a request for YOUR little VIP, here’s what you need to do:

  • Give us at least 2 weeks notice
  • Email (please do not send requests via social media)
  • Include your child’s NAME, BIRTHDAY and HOW OLD they are going to be
  • We will aim to post the video to our Facebook Page on the morning of their birthday.

Have you got any other ideas for videos you’d like to see? Let us know by getting in touch.


World of Dinosaur Roar Characters

Roaring ahead with our World of Dinosaur Roar Activity Trail

After a Zoom Call with the creators of The World Of Dinosaur Roar, we are balancing excitement with reality. So here’s the plan so far…

Each Dinosaur is being made in multiples of 3 for our fellow Farm Parks who are joining us on this journey; Godstone and Manor Farm Park.

  • Whack is already on-site and we are expecting Stomp, Flap, and Whizz next, closely followed by their friends
  • Removing most of the 20th Century items from the Woodland Walk
  • Working on the paths etc. as the weather permits us.
  • Expecting delivery of a new retail stand and new stock
  • Uniforms and training of our Roar Rangers with the Squeak Puppet when lockdown restrictions relax and allow.
  • The signage and information for the Trail are all in hand.
  • The Nurture Rights Team are working on the Educational Downloads for Teachers and the marketing with our marketing fairy . . . watch this space

Final thoughts

“We don’t stop playing when we get old, we get old if we stop playing!”

So remember to turn up the stereo and dance like you are a child again. Your children may even join in with you . . . And if they don’t, who cares? Life is for living!

We can’t wait to be able to re-open our doors to you as soon as possible.

If you can keep supporting us we’d really appreciate it.

3 farm-tastic ways to support Farmer Palmer’s during lockdown:

  1. Leave us a review on Google, TripAdvisor, or Facebook
  2. Keep engaging with us on our social media pages
  3. Read the News Articles and Blogs on our website

These are challenging times for all of us, but knowing you’re still with us makes it so much easier.

Take care and stay safe
Thank you, from Sandra, Phil, the animals, and all the team at Farmer Palmer’s.


How to get in touch with Farmer Palmer’s during lockdown:

  • Annual Pass Enquiries: Email
  • General Enquiries: Email
  • You can also contact us via Messenger on Facebook but please allow at least 72 hours for a response.

January Update from Farmer Palmer’s: published 31.01.21

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