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March 2021 Update for Annual Pass Holders

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Update for Annual Pass Holders – Take action to save money on your Pass Renewal

Hi friends, wow it is going to be so great to see you all again.

We all need clarity, simplicity, and certainty, it is in our human nature. So the opening date we have in mind is the 12th of April 21! Less than a month away. The devil is in the detail and our Environmental Health Office are awaiting the Government documents that clarify those details.

With the experience and skills I developed in 2020 my expectation is that we will be open with Outdoor attractions, animal demos and Take Away just as we did on July 4th last year.

The way you helped us adapt to the new way of opening last year worked like magic and your feedback was terrific. It is for that reason we are keeping it simple and opening in the same way again. Ensuring you can enjoy everything but in a less busy way, giving you a greater sense of belonging, safety and freedom.

Please read on as the info below will give clarity; these are the terms of business to guide you and our team in the future.

Sandra Palmer-Snellin



“When Will Pass Reservations And Tickets Be Released?”

We are planning to open the reservations for visits around the 24th of March.

We have been beavering away this lockdown aligning the annual pass reservation system with our admission tickets so they are all managed from one platform.

Don’t worry, your login process for Annual Pass holder renewals and reservations will be exactly the same as last year.

Now the systems are aligned you can reserve your pass holder visits AND purchase tickets for friends at the same time! We’re also popping The World of Dinosaur Roar Activity packs in there too, so you can buy them before you arrive to save time at the front desk. These will be available when the trail is open.

IF we are able to release tickets/reservations ahead of schedule, please remember our “new baby” is brand new to us, as well as you. Your feedback is going to be really helpful, so please be patient with us and only contact us by email.

Any problems – please email our brilliant team at and allow 48 hours for a reply.

Admission Ticket Prices 2021


“Will It Be Worth Me Renewing My Pass For The Next Year?”

If you can visit 5 times during the months your pass is valid then do not deny yourselves the opportunity to let us entertain your children/family.

Admittedly, we do not have a crystal ball for Coronavirus’s version of the future but let’s hope the vaccination program means we do not lockdown again.

Right Now, we are holding the 2020 prices – The current price is £45.00 for an adult pass renewal

Q: “If I renew before the increase will my Pass start on the day you re-open?”
A: No, your Pass will start on the day you Renew

Q: “Can I still Renew if I let my pass lapse?”
A: Of course. We have removed the 30-day restriction until we open.

Pass Prices will go up on the 4th April 2021 – to £56.00 for a renewal for an adult.

Wow! That is a big jump I hear some of you cry. But the thing is, with the entertainment team, the dinosaurs arriving and our BIGGER goals to entertain your VIP’s with our brilliant friendly team, we’ll always be focused on you.


Let’s talk about money and maths vs. visits.

£56 divided by £12 (weekday/term time admission) is 4.66 visits

£56 divided by £14 (weekend admission) is 4 visits

£56 divided by £15 (school holiday admission) is 3.77 visits

So the cost of your Renewal is, as it always has been, equivalent to less than 5 visits! I.e. after just 5 visits, you’re visiting FOR FREE!

If you are able to make this choice it would mean an awful lot to us and we thank you in advance from the bottom of our hearts.

What to do next? Click to RENEW HERE, we’ll make it happen for you.

You’re ‘officially’ allowed to sit back and relax!

Annual Pass RENEWAL Prices AFTER the 3rd April 2021


Membership Prices 2021

“How do I check my pass expiry date?”

Simply sign in to your Portal and the information will be there for you to look up. No need to ask our team to do it for you.

Opening Times for 2021

Key for Opening Times 2021

Anticipated Opening Times 2021

Term Time: Weekdays 9.30am – 2.30pm, Weekends 9.30am – 3.30pm

School Holidays: Split Sessions 9am – 1pm (closed 1pm-2pm) and 2pm – 5.30pm

Closed: Mondays and Tuesdays in Winter Months


Guinea Pig Village at Farmer Palmer's Dorset

Good House Keeping

Please make Farmer Palmer’s a trusted email as we will be sending out additional news announcements regarding the new ticketing system, and you will need to ensure you receive the barcodes on your email confirmations to be able to scan in for your visits. Getting our messages to you is so important for our clear communication objectives. Every email we send has been designed to keep you up to date.


If you are unable to renew a pass for any reason or you need to NOTIFY US OF A NEW PHONE NUMBER / CHANGE OF ADDRESS please email and a member of the team pick up your email asap.

Please include your phone number if you require a call back.

March 2021 Update for Annual Pass Holders, written by Sandra Palmer-Snellin, last updated 15ht March 2021

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