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Pygmy Goat Kids Born Feb 2017

By February 17, 2017April 1st, 2022No Comments

Pygmy Goat Kids Born Feb 2017

We are delighted to announce the new arrival of 10 baby pygmy goat kids at Farmer Palmer’s! We have 8 gorgeous girls and 2 beautiful boys, all born in Feb 2017. The babies are housed with their Mums in our outdoor animal pens, where you can come and watch them playing and skipping around as they explore their home and get up to all sorts of mischief – just like human kids!

The first set of twins were born on 13th Feb (the night before Valentine’s Day!). They have the most adorable stocking markings on their legs and we’re running a ‘guess the names’ post about them on our Facebook page.

Pygmy Goat Kid Twins born at Farmer Palmer's Feb 2017

One of our other Nanny goats then gave birth to TRIPLETS on Valentine’s Day! Two boys and one girl. So much cuteness we can barely keep up! The rest of the kids were born in the following days, totalling 10 little bundles of fluff. Their mummy’s (actually Nanny’s!) are doing a great job and we’re thrilled to bits.

The farm park is open every day from 10am and there’s a full daily timetable of animal events for you and your little ones to join in with, because at Farmer Palmer’s we’re all about family fun and memory making. Come along and see what you can discover in the Dorset countryside.

Find out more about Pygmy Goats by visiting the Pygmy Goat Club website

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