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Re-opening Indoor Play at Farmer Palmer’ s

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When are we re-opening Indoor Play at Farmer Palmer’s?

We are taking things at our own pace, to GET IT RIGHT for ‘ewe’!

Farmer Palmer's Little Farmers Fun Barn Family Fun Dorset

We anticipate our Little Farmers Barn opening first from 21.9.20. The Soft Play will remain closed for a little while longer, while we flex with what is happening in the UK with increase in R rate. 18.9.20

Since the Government announced Soft Play could re-open on 14th Aug 2020 we’ve had a fair few enquiries.

And, whilst we welcome the decision, we are not going to rush into things.

Before re-opening the soft play at Farmer Palmer’s is possible, there’s an extensive “to-do list” to get through.

Steps will include;

  • A Risk Assessment to be approved by our insurers and EHO
  • Getting a Ventilation calculation report done to check air flow – yes the doors may need to remain open in the little farmer’s barn, even in winter 🙂
  • Calculating the capacity of our soft play areas allowing for 1 person per 100 sqft = 28 people, adults, and children in total.
  • Developing a system that will enable safe Social Distancing and documenting this process for both visitors, and staff training
  • Implementing a wrist band and staff member to let people in and out
  • Installing additional sanitising stations, floor markers, and signage as appropriate
  • Asking adults and any children over 11 to wear face masks in the buildings.
  • Staffing the soft play areas to ensure visitors are complying with Government Guidelines (i.e. using the sanitising stations and wearing masks.)
  • Implement a cleaning system and a complete sanitising spray after 4 x 1/2 hour sessions.#
  • Reducing the time play areas are open to shorter periods, so as to enable us to complete our cleaning responsibility
  • Removing items that are difficult to clean or adopting a clear cleaning marking system
  • No eating or drinking in the indoor areas.

We are going to take our time to GET IT RIGHT.

This is well supported by our visitors (this feedback is from our Facebook Page):

“I agree 100%, there is more than enough to do and we have fun every time we are there! FP has been very upstanding and feels very safe to visit. Thank you for keeping us safe”

“We’ve visited three times, with our passes, since you have reopened and added another family member as an extra pass holder. We are all very impressed by the measures you have put in place and the decisions you have made. Thank you for thinking of the safety and welfare of your little and big visitors. See you on Wednesday! By the way, the cake in the cafe is amazing!!!!”

“Thanks for always putting your customer’s safety first. Good decision”

Boy playing in Soft Play at Farmer Palmer's Farm Park

How will it work?

Re-opening Soft Play may work in the following ways; these are currently under discussion to find the “best fit” for Farmer Palmer’s.

  • Obtain wrist bands as you enter at reception if you wish to use the indoor play. You will need one for you, and one for each of your children. Please can the adult wear them all.
  • Arrive on time for your 1/2 hour session.
  • Queue carefully and on markers where present.
  • Sanitise your hands upon Entry
  • Ensure you socially distance in the building and listen to our monitor.
  • You can leave the building to take little ones to the toilet etc but we ask everyone to ensure only the same colour bands visitors are in your session.
  • Leave on time when asked to do so to enable us to clean touchpoints etc.

Steps that will probably be needed:

1. The process for managing soft play frame areas will be a written document and form part of the business COVID-secure opening protocols. Employees will be trained in this process; records of such training will be kept and available to inspectors.

2. Before anyone is permitted to enter the soft play frame they will need to apply hand sanitizer at the point of entry to the play area. These sanitization points should be adjacent to each separate play area (not just at the entrance to the building), supervised and the application of sanitizer made mandatory.

3. Staff will be trained in the handling of non-compliant persons.

4. Where customers are required to queue, clear social distancing floor markings to stop clumping are required. These should be in the floor graphics, so that you clearly understand where to queue in the hen house.

5. The capacity of the soft play frame has been calculated to allow for the current guidance on social distancing – this will allow households to socially distance. On the basis of 9 normal play frame capacity calculations which is based on active floor area, capacity/occupancy will be reduced to maximum 40%, this will be based on the total number of users including parents or guardian supervising.

Remember, It is your social responsibility to keep yourself and others safe

  • Therefore we are ensuring we comply with NHS test and trace.
  • You still need to avoid visiting the Farm Park if you are unwell. If you think you are onsite leave immediately and inform a member of the team.
  • Parents, guardians, or carers should dispose of all litter including any used protective wear such as face coverings or gloves properly in litter bins, taking it home where a bin is not provided. People should dispose of face coverings and PPE in a ‘black bag’ waste bin or litter bin. Face coverings should not be put in a recycling bin.



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