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SEN Friendly Time Planned for 2020 as our reinvestment in areas gives us better facilities.

Working with local organisations and team trainers, consequently enabling us to fully understand your additional needs.

Our Facebook survey on 29th August has offered us a full insight into what you need and how we can aim to balance it with the space we have.

2020 Mind Mapping – Things to Consider:

  • March to Oct (When we are open till 5) We have chosen 20th OF EACH MONTH, guaranteeing you each day of the week across the 8 months.
  • Discounted after 3 pm afternoons – £5.00 after 3 pm and £3.00 if you come in with an annual pass holder.
  • Special Timetable organised by the Animal Barn Team
  • Team training on challenges with queuing
  • noise, i.e. hand-dryer free toilet in our new toilets
  • siblings allowed
  • age – we shall open to all ages on these special 2-hour slots.
  • quiet room or space to go to i.e the guineapig party room on non-party days.

See Customer Comments

DLA/ PIP documentation may apply. Please note this is not currently available.



Such a wonderful idea. Little boy also has sensory sensitivity, so less busy times, quieter events no tannoys, hand dryers etc which I read in your newsletter is amazing.

Ideas: An opportunity to get on the tractor ride when it’s just sitting idle to get used to it. Just to sit on it, get used to it all, then get off. We tried before but the busy-ness scared him and we had to get off before it started. I think he would enjoy the ride itself once familiar with it.

Horse introduction: An opportunity just to stand beside the horse, maybe standing on some hay bales (he’s only 3 and horse height is daunting), maybe stroke his back or watch someone feeding/petting the horse? Whatever is best for your horses too! 1st time he has seen a horse, it was a calm environment which was nice.

Pony Rides: There was a queue and children were getting on with their rides so we didn’t want to take a slot just to say hello the horse and feel a bit rushed then maybe have to back out of the ride completely. Agree with longer than hour comments too. Thank you for this opportunity to comment.

Little boy loves it there. FP really is an amazing place XXw”.

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