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What Happens to Farmer Palmers in Lockdown November 2020?

In light of the Government Announcement on 31.10.20,  we will temporarily close our doors starting Thursday, November 5th.

Shutting our doors on November 5th

Paid for Bookings: We will automatically REFUND any confirmed paid for tickets via our website after the 4th November if lockdown goes ahead (Done!)

Annual Pass Holders: To all 5400 of you. Sadly we will not be able to give you back a 2nd round of lost time and will be exercising the clause in your terms and conditions. *

Our Amazing Team: We will quickly spring into action to close everything down, ensure any Gov Support for their wages is put into place.

Our Animals: We will be able to keep a key team on to meet all of the animal’s needs and ensure they are well fed and cared for.

Christmas: Christmas is still coming and we are still going to prepare our Farmer Palmer’s Christmas Experience with your little ones in mind. We have a panto dame playing Mrs Claus, Elves, Snow Queen, and Farmer Christmas ready. The tickets are finally tested, so we will still release them for December but with a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE should we be on a lockdown between 11th and 22nd December.

Thank You For Your Understanding

It has been a wonderful 4 months seeing you all here on the farm again and it is with great sadness that we need to temporarily close for the month of November. Rest assured that we will continue to ensure all of our plans for the future continue and we will keep smiling.

*Annual Pass Clause: 6. Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park is continually replacing and improving equipment,
attractions, facilities, and introducing new ones. In line with this, we reserve the right to
withdraw any attraction or to close part of/the entire Park at any time, without prior
notice or compensation. Should we be forced to close due to circumstances beyond
our control, we regret memberships cannot be extended or refunded.

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