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You may be wondering what to do if you’re not receiving Farmer Palmer’s email updates.

Have you heard some Farmer Palmer news from a friend but can’t find the information in your own mailbox?

Don’t worry, these things happen.

First Question: Have you checked your Spam/Junk Folders?

Sometimes our emails get delivered there by mistake, oops! If you discover we’ve landed in the wrong place – please mark Farmer Palmer’s as one of your safe contacts and/or add us to your contact list.

Guinea Pig on Computer at Farmer Palmer's

Second Question: Have you ever received an email from us?

If the answer is NO then simply sign up to our mailing list via our sign up page. This will add you to our General Newsletter Mailing List, you can expect monthly updates from Director, Sandra Palmer.

If the answer is YES, you used to receive our emails but don’t seem to anymore. The best thing to do is email Emma our Marketing Fairy. That’s because we have a very clever customer database system (which is sometimes too clever for it’s own good!) and there may be several reasons why you’ve dropped off the list.

Please include your full name in the email and let Emma know if you are an Annual Pass Holder or a Bump to Baby Trial Pass Holder – this will all help in her investigation to find out what’s happening.

If you have changed your email address, please email Emma and let her know so she can update your contact record.

Thank you, we hope to communicate with you soon!

What to do if you’re not receiving Farmer Palmer’s email updates – News Article posted 18.06.2020


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