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What’s happening at Farmer Palmer’s for Christmas 2020

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Update: If you’re curious about what’s happening at Farmer Palmer’s for Christmas 2021 stay tuned. We will be posting another news article soon. The information below relates to Christmas 2020. Christmas 2021 will run in a similar format with added extras! (23.06.2021)

Here’s the link you need to book your tickets to visit the farm park.

Christmas 2020

You may be wondering what’s happening at Farmer Palmer’s for Christmas in 2020 . . .

We Open daily from 2nd December, Farmer Christmas will not be here until 10th then from 12th onwards.

(No Farmer Christmas Experience available on Friday 11th – what do you think he could be up to? Perhaps having his beard trimmed? Perhaps having the reindeer fitted for new harnesses?)

This year is DIFFERENT from previous years. You must buy and add-on ticket online to gain access.

Then hold on to your stockings because we’ve got a farm-tastic festive experience planned for ‘ewe’ and your family! Keep an eye on our Social Media Pages and your inbox, as soon as we know we are going to release tickets, so keep an eye on your inbox!

  1. We will be releasing the first week which is *Admission Only* tickets around the 27th of November because Farmer Christmas is still in the North Pole
  2. We will begin slowly releasing SOME of the “Farmer Christmas Experience” tickets, a few days at a time, from Monday 30th November thereby ensuring that we control numbers. Remember, we have limited capacity on-site during Covid-19 times and limited Farmer Christmas spaces too. We can not allow any day to end up oversubscribed or too busy.
  3. We released 1/3 of dates and will release the next on 3rd December. (Numbers split between pass holders and non-pass holders based upon our 2019 footfall figures) per day initially.

Second Release of Tickets

There will be the second release of tickets for each day as we monitor, hourly, how they are selling. Why? Each family bubble/group booking combination will have a direct impact on the amount of Christmas Experience tickets we can release.

This is the first time we have ever had to do this so we will need your patience and understanding to prevent stress within our team. There will also be the possibility that we could be oversubscribed, but we will work really hard to try to avoid disappointment. Thank you for your support.

Farmer Christmas making a list at Farmer Palmer's

Behind the Scenes

The Palmer family are frantically busy behind the scenes building you the BIGGEST “Farmer Christmas Experience” we’ve ever hosted at the Farm Park.

It’s BIGGER in size; it’s BIGGER in space (we need to give the “man in red” lots of room this year, you all know what he’s like after all those sprouts!), and it’s BIGGER in entertainment!

You simply won’t recognise the former Animal Barn this December!



What Will My “Farmer Christmas Barn Experience” Include?

Imagine walking through a spacious barn with a soft lull of those classic festive carols and sleigh bells gently ringing.

It sounds like the magic of Christmas already doesn’t it?

Then imagine a magical winding pathway, with an array of twinkling lights. Where does it lead? We’ll let you into a little secret… You’re on a journey to see “The Man In Red”

  1. Our sweet nativity scene to reflect a meaning of Christmas
  2. Meet our fantastic Panto Dame, Madam Claus, and Odd Socks the Elf. Don’t forget to grab a carrot for Farmer Christmas to feed his lovely Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen! Grown-ups are welcome to choose a sweet treat!
  3. See the elves’ traditional workshop, they have been busy preparing the toys for Christmas!
  4. Guinea Pigs love Christmas, watch them eating their favourite food in our Guinea Pig village, can you spot the Elves?
  5. Meet the donkeys with a story to tell
  6. Let your little ones wonder at the child-sized illuminated winter wonderland
  7. Farmer Christmas! The Snow Fairy will ensure you get a personal meeting with “The Man In Red”! Make memories with a fab photo opportunity for you (Don’t forget your cameras!).
  8. The final stop! Your little VIP can choose their own gift from Farmer Christmas’s “Toy Shop” (gifts are not wrapped this year; better for the environment and easier for little ones to make decisions!) (Gifts are on a first come basis.)



How can we see Farmer Christmas this year?

We have 3 visitor options to see “the Man in Red” this December.

Option 1. Non-Pass Holders visiting the Farm Park and wanting a ticket to our Farmer Christmas Experience:

YOU CAN ONLY GAIN ENTRY TO THE “FARMER CHRISTMAS EXPERIENCE BARN” by purchasing General Admission Tickets PLUS at least one pre-purchased “ADD ON – Child Farmer Christmas Experience Ticket”* per child.

How to book:

  1. Purchase Admission Tickets for everyone who wishes to visit the farm.
  2. THEN; BUY an “ADD ON a Farmer Christmas Experience Ticket” for EACH child/baby wishing to enter our Farmer Christmas Experience Barn. Each child with a ticket will receive a gift.

Please note: You will need to purchase a Farmer Christmas Experience ticket for any age child if they wish to enter the barn and receive a gift. Accompanying adults can enter the Experience Barn for free, to a maximum group of 6.

*Pricing Examples:

  • Child 3yrs+: £12 Admission Ticket + £15.00 ADD ON Experience Ticket = £27.00
  • 2 yr old: £6 Admission Ticket + £15.00 ADD ON Experience Ticket = £21.00
  • Under 2’s £0 Free Admission Ticket + £15.00 ADD ON Experience Ticket = £15.00

Important Info:

These tickets are non-refundable** and your transaction is only valid for the date, session, and order details.

Time slots to see Farmer Christmas will be allocated on the day.

Please check your basket carefully before proceeding to checkout. We are unable to swap dates.


Option 2. Annual Pass Holders visiting the Farm Park and wanting a ticket to our Farmer Christmas Experience:

How to book:

  1. It is ESSENTIAL to reserve your visit via your Customer Portal BEFORE purchasing your Child’s Farmer Christmas Experience Ticket/s.
  2. You will need a ticket for every child wishing to enter our Farmer Christmas Experience Barn.

Please note: You will need to purchase a Farmer Christmas Experience ticket for any age child if they wish to enter the barn and receive a gift. Accompanying adults can enter the Experience Barn for free, to a maximum group of 6.

How Will Farmer Palmers Allocate Timings?

  1. The Farmer Christmas Experience is running daily from Thursday 10th December to Tuesday 22nd December, so make a day of it with your loved ones. (Friday 11th unavailable)
  2. Ensure you arrive before 10.00am on the day of your Farmer Christmas Barn Experience.
  3. Admission to the barn will be with pre-booked child tickets ONLY (supervising adults in free)
  4. Entry into the Experience Barn will be in Family groups/bubbles of up to 6 persons at a time
  5. The timing of your visit to the Experience Barn will be organised by our reception Elves when you arrive – before 10.00am. You will be issued the next available time. Times are issued on a first come basis. If you want to visit with someone else in your bubble you MUST arrive together at the farm park reception.
  6. A Farmer Christmas Barn Experience Ticket must be purchased IN ADVANCE for every child wishing to join in the Experience. Adults with reservations or paid tickets will be allowed into the barn to accompany the children in bubbles of up to 6 persons in total.

Annual Pass Holder Pricing Structure

Annual Pass Holders: Experience Tickets priced as above but your Admission is FREE = YAY!

You will need to purchase additional Admission and Experience Tickets for any accompanying Non-Pass Holders

Entrance + Christmas Experience
Adult Member: £0.00 + £0.00 = £0.00 – Free if accompanying a child
Child Member: £0.00 + £15.00 = £15.00.
2 Year Old Member : £0.00 + £15.00 = £15.00.
Under 2’s: £0.00 + £15.00 = £15.00


Option 3. Super Special Twilight Farmer Palmer Experience 4 pm – 6.30 pm

Exclusive 2.5 hour experience designed for 3 – 8 yr olds.
This is an extra special evening event and all adults and children entering the Farm Park will each need a pre-purchased ticket.

Child Ticket: £22.50 each
Accompanying Adult: £5.00 each
(Sorry, there is no free/discounted admission for Annual Pass Holder for this special, extra, evening event)

  • The “After School Child Twilight Ticket” includes:
    Admission for 1 child per ticket, (who must be accompanied by adult/s who have valid £5 entry ticket).
  • Access to Indoor Soft Play/ Little Farmers Barn / Pedal Tractors / Straw Mountain which will all be open (please be aware it will be dark outside but we are lighting these areas to give a festive atmosphere).
  • A magical “Farmer Christmas Experience” visit with their adult/s as described below
  • 1 x FREE child’s supper. Sausages, chips and beans/peas meal in the restaurant (alternative vegetarian option available)

Tickets are sold on a first-come basis and ticket numbers are strictly limited.

Please check your basket carefully before proceeding to checkout. We are unable to swap dates. We will refund if you have successfully selected, and paid for, another alternative After School Twilight ticket in December. Please contact our team at least 24 hours ahead of the original visit date.*

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I visit without the After School Twilight Farmer Christmas Experience Ticket?

A: No, this is an exclusive package offer which includes Farmer Christmas, all of the areas stated, and supper for your little one.

Q: What time do doors open to get my After School Twilight Session?

A: We will close the Farm Park to the General Public at 2pm weekdays. We will be opening the doors for this special Twilight Session at 3.30pm

Q: What will be open during My Twilight Ticket Visit?


  • Straw Mountain (limit to 6 families please)
  • Pedal Tractors
  • Indoor Soft Play – half hour sessions – Limited numbers (adults and children) per session.
  • Little Farmers Barn half hour sessions – Limited numbers (adults and children) per session.
  • Hen House for brilliantly home-cooked food, cakes, tea, coffee and hot chocolate with all the extras!
  • Both sets of Toilet Facilities
  • Gift Shop

Q: How will you operate the Indoor Soft Play Areas?

A: You will receive tokens for these areas and your “Farmer Christmas Experience” Time Allocation upon arrival at the farm park.

We respectfully ask that you go turn up to see the Welcome Elf at the entrance to the “Farmer Christmas Experience Barn” (original Animal Barn Door) promptly at the allocated time for your Experience.

Please join an indoor play session (at the Little Farmer’s Barn/Indoor Soft Play Zone) on the hour or half-hour, as per the timetable.

The rest of the time is yours to play on the pedal tractors, woosh down slides in Straw Mountain, and make the most of the restaurant.

Q: Which areas will be closed between 4 pm & 6.30 pm

A: Due to the fact that it will be dark; the outside play areas, trim trail, go-karts, outside animal enclosures, big barn animal events (they’ll be sleeping), and woodland walk, etc. will be closed off during the Twilight Experience.

*In the event of a Government Lockdown in our Dorset County Council Area and the Farm Park has to shut over this date we will refund your ticket, less any processing fee by the card provider.

Three Alpacas looking over the fence at Farmer Palmer's



What will be open when I visit during Day Time in December?

(Please be aware of any new signage or one-way systems when you visit):

  • Entrance with the opportunity to photograph our timetable. Have your booking confirmation ready.
  • Straw Mountain (limit to 6 family bubbles please)
  • Pedal Tractors
  • Hen House for brilliantly home-cooked food and cakes. (Party rooms for additional socially distanced seating)
  • Little Farmers Barn – limited numbers of 35 (adults and children) per session. Limited daily capacity. It will be running on a wristband system on a first come, first served basis. Make you way to see the Barn Supervisor upon arrival. Sadly the barn can only take 43% of the visitors on the whole site so not everyone gets a band.
  • Our BIG Barn (near the Pedal Go Karts) will continue to host the Animal Demonstrations; examples – guinea pig handling, goat feeding, trotter-time etc.
  • Outdoor Animal Pens, Sand Play and Wendy Houses, Splash Zone, Pedal Go-Karts
  • Play Field with the brilliant recycled plastic TRIM TRAIL
  • Tractor Ride opportunity (additional charge applies)
  • Woodland Walk – Wellies recommended
  • We hope to open the Indoor Soft Play.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you back at the farm and we’re doing everything we possibly can to bring you the magic of Christmas in 2020.

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Enjoy your day.

**Only in the event of a Government Lockdown that forces the Farm Park to Close in our Dorset County Council Area will we consider a refund, less any card payment company processing fee “.

“What’s Happening at Farmer Palmer’s for Christmas in 2020” – published Nov 2020

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