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What’s Happening with Annual Pass Lost Time? If you’re a member of Farmer Palmer’s you may be wondering what’s happening with Annual Pass lost time.

We have a strict system in place to give time back. You will need a pass to reserve your Online Tickets for morning or afternoon sessions.

If you pass expired we will add any qualifiying time but see below where you sit in our action plan.

As you can imagine we have been inundated with emails and questions about “what’s happening with my ……………..” prompting decisions and answering what’s important to you.

This has been a great opportunity to take time to think, focus and create the terms on which we can adopt moving forward when re-opening takes place. Social Distancing is going to change the shape of the park for a while, but trust our team to deliver all we can.

Please read on as the information below is in direct response to customer questions we have received. This has helped us to set the ‘rules of engagement’ regarding certain areas of how we do business to guide you and our team in the future.

What’s happening with Annual Pass lost time?

We’ve created an action plan, broken this down into 4 Scenarios to help you identify which situation applies to you and your membership.

Scenario 1: You have a VALID Pass when we re-open that did not expire whilst the farm park was closed. For Example: You purchased an Annual Pass in October 2019


Scenario 2: You have a VALID Pass when we re-open because you renewed straight away with no interruption to your membership. For Example: You purchased an Annual Pass in April 2019 and renewed within 30 days of your expiry date

You are awesome and we promise to keep you up to date with our emails. Please be aware we anticipate daily admission limitations in place due to Government Guidelines (more on this further down in this update).

We have added all of your ‘lost playtime’ on to the end of your current valid pass/es expiry date/s for those valid from 21.3.20 to end August, to the nearest calendar month. 28.6.20

Moving on to phase 2 for all other passes.

The operational plan is being created but a member of our Specialist Annual Pass Team will be in touch. As you can imagine, with over 5,000 current, valid pass holders, this is going to be a huge task. We are working through our Senarios system and see here to see how you can check your expiry dates here.

mother and child sharing an experience at Farmer Palmers










Scenario 3: Your Pass has now Lapsed/EXPIRED as you did NOT renew in 30 days as you are waiting for us to re-open. For Example: You bought a pass in April 2019, it expired April 20, and are waiting to renew the week before the farm re-opens


Scenario 4: Your Pass has EXPIRED and you DO NOT RENEW at all before re-opening. For Example: You bought a pass in April 2019 and are not planning to renew

You will need to pay normal admission if you want to visit the Farm Park and you did not renew, but we feel we still owe you your lost time if your pass was valid on 21/3/20.

Your Options Are;
1. Renew your pass ONLINE as soon as possible, and we’ll add any owing lost time, to the nearest calendar month, when we update your cards to your new expiry date **


2. You Choose Not To RenewYour lost time will added to your expired pass when social distancing has been lifted.
This will be completed when we can be fully open i.e. all play areas and equipment are back in use (e.g. softplay zone etc.); our team will manage this. At this stage we are unsure when this will be and will be led by the Government.

If you want to continue visiting the farm park as an Annual Pass Holder your BEST OPTION is to Renew Online before we re-open.

We have made it easier for you to spread the cost with our Our Easy Pay 3 Instalment Option.

** If, as mentioned above, you are able to donate the lost time back to us, please just let the team member know when you renew by checking the box in the Renewals System (see image below).











What to do next? Decide if you want to Renew.

How much time will I get back?

The Facts: It will not be possible to calculate each individual person’s lost time at the front desk, especially if we are having social distancing queues. Not to mention becoming very complicated for our amazing team.

Therefore: We have set these ‘rules of engagement’ regarding this lost time.

Scenario 1 & 2 Uninterrupted passes: Lost time will be calculated from 21st March when we closed – to the re-opening date (to the nearest month).

Scenario 3 & 4 lapsed passes: Lost time will be calculated from 21st March when we closed to your 2020 expiry date (to the nearest month).

We can only offer to add on the ‘lost time’ that your membership was actually valid.

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If I decide not to renew what happens to my Customer Portal?

Your account login will remain active for 1 year from expiry so you can login to renew during this time.

What Happens If I Do Not Renew My Pass?

1 year from expiry your Customer Portal will be closed and your membership details removed from the system.

New Passes. Super Supporter Scenario:

You’d like to buy a NEW Annual Pass ready for when we re-open! Farm-tastic! We love and appreciate your support.
All NEW passes bought will be valid from when we re-open for a FULL 12 months. If you can help us in this way, we’ll love you to the mooooon and back!

Buy an Annual Pass 

Annual Pass for Farmer Palmer's Farm Park Dorset





“I was Hoping to Use My Gift Vouchers To Buy Passes”

Want to use a gift voucher towards paying for annual passes while we are closed? We’ve come up with an ingenious plan. Contact our Annual Pass Specialist to find out more about this option (please include your name and contact number). Please note this process can take up to 14 days.


If you are unable to renew a pass for any reason or you need to NOTIFY US OF A NEW PHONE NUMBER / CHANGE OF ADDRESS please email and a member of the team will pick up your email. Please include your phone number if you require a call back.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: “I bought an Annual Pass Online but haven’t been in to collect it yet – will you post it out?”

A: All passes are created and stored safely at the farm park ready for you to collect on your next visit. It helps with getting to know you rather than posting the passes out.

Thank you for reading our update.

I’m sure you can appreciate these have been very challenging times for all of us.
Our terms and conditions state that:

“Should we be forced to close due to circumstances beyond our control, we regret memberships cannot be extended or refunded.”

But we’re doing our very best to be kind, caring, understanding, and rewarding to you, our loyal customers.

The potential cost of refunding lost time to annual pass holders is in the region of £70,000 in lost revenue.

This announcement has taken a lot of time for us to put together, these are unprecedented (sorry, I know that word has been rather overused in the past few months!) times and it has put a lot of strain on our family business and has made us dig deep and become resourceful and adaptable.

We thank you for your support and understanding, from the bottom of our hearts.

Farmer Palmer Family with Cow and Rabbit.

What’s happening with Annual Pass lost time? Update by Emma, published May 2020 following closure of the Farm Park in line with Government Guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Updated Sandra 29.6.20

Update Sept 2020: Additional Terms and Conditions related to Covid-19: Due to the impact on the business, we will be exercising Clause 6: “Should we be forced to close due to circumstances beyond our control, we regret memberships cannot be extended or refunded.” Due to Covid-19’s unpredictability, we are unable to give extensions if the Government decides to enforce another lockdown on us.


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