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You may be wondering what’s happening with bump to baby trial passes during and after lockdown. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Update Sept 2020: Please refer to our most recent Autumn Update for Bump to Baby Trial Passes 

Important Notice:  There never has been free Bump to Baby Trial Pass admission in July and August, as per the conditions of the Bump to Baby Pass. We are anticipating you will be able to use your ‘lost time’ from September onward.

If you collected your free trial pass prior to closure on 21st March

Don’t worry if your baby is now older than 9 months, we have made allowances and your little one can still come in.

For those of you who have already collected and activated your trial pass, your ‘lost time’ will be applied to your pass ready for you to use in the following way:

  • January 2020 Collected/Activated  – Restart 1st Sept, valid for 1 month.
  • February 2020 Collected/Activated – Restart 15th Sept, valid for 2 months
  • March 2020 Collected/Activated – Restart 29th Sept, valid for 3 months

As all cards had to be collected by 31.3.20, (and we went into lock-down on 21st March) we will hold on to any registrations that were not collected.

We have limited admissions and social distancing measures in place.

Tia holding Bump to Baby passes at Farmer Palmer's

If you signed up for a free trial pass but haven’t collected it yet

Don’t worry, you will still be able to use your free trial pass (we have your application on file).

We anticipate the free entry for uncollected cards will be activated within one of these time frames

  • From November 20
  • From Jan 2021 or when social distancing is eased.

It will depend upon how our business is operating at the time and if free entry is financially viable.


If you haven’t signed up for a free trial pass yet

Applications for NEW Bump to Baby Free Trial Passes are currently closed.

Due to the current circumstances, we may need to structure admission dates & times differently upon re-opening.

Once we are able to re-introduce admission on Free Trial Passes, the applications will re-open. They may have an administration charge and a collection deadline.

This will not be before November 2020, updates will be posted on our Website and Facebook Page.

We promise we are doing our very best to be kind, caring, understanding, and rewarding to you, our wonderful customers.

This announcement has taken a lot of time for us to put together, these are unprecedented (sorry, we know that word has been overused in the past few months!) times and it has put a lot of strain on our family business and has made us dig deep and become resourceful and adaptable.

Rest assured we’re doing everything we can to keep the farm park going for you and your little ones to enjoy for years to come.

We thank you for your kind patience support and understanding, from the bottom of our hearts.

Farmer Palmer Family with Cow and Rabbit.

What’s happening with bump to baby free trial passes for Farmer Palmer’s written by Emma. Published May 2020 following closure of the Farm Park in line with Government Guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Updated 19.07.2020 Updated 22.7.20

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