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When curiosity gets the better of ‘ewe’!

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A funny morning down on the farm

This is a little story about when curiosity gets the better of ‘ewe’! (21.04.2020)

When you have grown up living and working with animals you get these funny gut feelings when something just isn’t quite right. It’s like a natural intuition. Therefore, when the animals are acting odd it’s time to investigate!

Horses with ears pricked up looking across the paddock, the majority of the flock camped out in the corner and the Alpacas acting like guard dogs between the flock and the ‘danger’ . . . imagine waking up and this is the scene before you!

What was the ‘danger’? We hear you ask. Well, they say a picture tells a thousand words . . .

Sheep with bucket on head

When curiosity gets the better of ewe!

Oh dear!

Not so much of a danger really, more like the result of getting a little over inquisitive! Sometimes our own children suffer the same effects – getting their noses (and hands!) into anything and everything as they explore the world around them.

Often lessons like this are learnt quickly, especially when your ‘friends’ (Alpacas, Horse and Sheep in this case) can’t help you!

We can’t help but wonder what the other animals were thinking as we approached to help this lamb out of her sticky situation.

Did they think she was showing off?

Perhaps she’d transformed into a very rare new breed of animal?

Or was she just being a bit silly?

Who knows? All we know is it was time to help her see the light! Sometimes you just need to be seen by someone who cares, someone who wants to help you.

We’re here to help ewe!

We sprang into action and our lovely lamb was quickly released from the dark!

As she ran off to find her friends (and reassure them she was still in fact a sheep), we removed all the other ‘toys’ that could potentially get another flock member into trouble.

There are definitely a lot of similarities between parenting and farming!

Sheep running in field

I can see clearly now!


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