Daily Activities to keep you busy throughout your visit! Scroll down for exciting activities!

Little Farmers Fun Barn

The Little Farmer's Barn is open and it is a firm favourite with children.
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Guinea Pig Handling

Our guinea pig handling team are ready to introduce you. Little ones can sit down on the seating provided and hold a guinea pig on their lap.
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Pig Racing

Pig racing is such fun. Watch our little piggies run the race and cheer for your winner!
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Bumpy Tractor-Trailer Ride

Join our bumpy, bouncy Tractor-Trailer ride! Go over the bumps, along the wobbly bit and through the ditch.
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Deer Feeding Experience

Our 'Deer Feeding Experience' is a very popular activity, usually running from March to Sept/Oct.
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Goat Feeding Experience

Hand feeding our many varieties of goats is always a giggle. Come and learn all about them at Farmer Palmer's.
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