Come and meet the animals in our Big Barn!

At Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park, a delightful array of animal activities awaits visitors in our Big Barn. These activities ensure an immersive and educational experience for all ages. The farm park boasts a full daily timetable that allows visitors to engage with a wide variety of animals and their care routines, creating memorable moments for families and animal enthusiasts.

Our Big Barn Activities Include

Goat/Sheep Feeding…

big barn - goat activity

For those who enjoy hands-on interactions, Farmer Palmer’s offers goat feeding! Visitors can feed the friendly goats during the times specified on your daily timetable (handed to you upon arrival).


Creature Comforts…

big barn - creature comforts

Fancy a go at guinea pig handling in the Creature Comforts area? Children can gently hold and pet the adorable guinea pigs, fostering a deeper connection with these gentle creatures.

Pony Grooming…

big barn - pony grooming

Younger visitors can partake in the joy of pony grooming, where they can brush and care for the farm’s ponies, learning about responsible animal care and grooming techniques.

big barn entrance photo

We Built Our Big Barn In March 2023…

Watch Our Big Barn Renovation

All these activities are designed to create lasting memories and instil a sense of respect and appreciation for farm animals. Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park offers a perfect blend of fun and education, making it a fantastic destination for families and animal enthusiasts to connect with the natural world and the farm’s charming residents.

Not all of our animals or activities are inside, we have some which part take outside such as Pig Racing and Alpaca Chatter!

Make sure you follow us on our social media channels (Facebook & Instagram) to keep up with the most up to date timetable – you will also be given a paper version on the day of your visit.