Animals, at the heart of our Farm Park! Make new friends. Every day there are educational and entertaining animal events for you to enjoy.


Hamerton Toby, the miniature Mediterranean donkey is very friendly, although he does like to get his own way.
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Guinea Pigs

In the mornings our guinea pig pen looks like an untidy child's bedroom floor! Hay and straw everywhere
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Young goats are aptly named kids as they have many qualities similar to human children.
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Alpacas were once looked after and domesticated by the Ancient Inca people who lived in South America 6000 years ago.
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Chickens & Ducks

A farm just wouldn't be complete without Chickens and Ducks and we have lots of feathered friends at Farmer Palmer's!
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A herd of Red Deer live at Farmer Palmer's and you and your children can meet and feed them in our Deer Feeding experience (check timetable to see if this event is running).
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We have several cows on the farm park. You can sometimes see them grazing out in the fields. Our daily animal events are advertised at the front desk, you're welcome to take a photo of the timetable.
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Sheep & Lambs

Farmer Palmer's is home to lots of sheep. Each year, many of our ewes have lambs. You can see the babies out in the fields skipping and jumping. Their mums are very protective and caring.
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Our ponies adore praise and are eager to please, most of the time. In the summer they live outside in the field or paddock and eat grass and a little pony food. In the winter they come in and eat hay. They must always have fresh, clean water.
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Pigs do not like being muddy or dirty during the winter. In hot summer months they cover themselves in cool mud & water to regulate their body temperature - because pigs cannot sweat!
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