Thank you for considering a fab visit to us. We can’t wait to welcome you and your children to Farmer Palmer’s.

Preparing your Visit

If you are visiting for the day, please make sure you have purchased your ticket and added any ‘bolt ons’ you may need if we have an event on, for example: Pumpkin Picking at Halloween, meeting Farmer Christmas during our Christmas period.

If you are an annual pass holder, please be sure to reserve your space for the day. This is so we can track our visitors and ensure we are meeting health and safety guidelines. This is to also avoid disappointment of being turned away on the day.

Please ensure all existing open cuts or grazes are covered before visiting the farm park and touching the animals, and children are informed to wash their hands after touching the animals.

If you are bringing a group or school trip, we advise the trip organisers to visit in advance to do a health and safety risk assessment.

What to Wear

Just a kind reminder to bring coats and wellies during the cooler months as the ground is likely to be muddy.

If you have forgotten anything for your visit, we do have spare umbrella’s, socks, available to borrow.

During the Visit

Please do not eat food within any area’s outside of the picnic area or the Hen House restaurant. We ask this to protect other customers and our animals from eating potentially harmful substances or be affected by cross contamination.

After taking part in our animal activities, and before eating lunch, we ask you to make sure you and your children has washed and dried their hands thoroughly in the toilets or other hand washing facilities around the park.

Please ensure your children are careful when feeding or petting our animals, follow the animal barn leaders’ instructions on how to get involved with these activities safely.


You will find various hand washing facilities around the park, either with running hot water or antibacterial soap, please make sure that you and your children have washed their hands before and after any activities or contact with our animals.

If unsure of where these facilities are, please look at the map online or given to you upon arrival or ask any of our friendly staff on site.

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We have a MASSIVE range of activities and animal events for children from 0 - 8.

Driving pedal tractors, wooshing down slides in Straw Mountain, meeting and learning about the farm animals – Farmer Palmer’s has so much for little ones to enjoy.

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Animal Events

Animal Events are above all educationally fun!

Kids Animal Events are above all educationally fun!
Come along and learn all about the Animals at Farmer Palmer’s! How much do you know about Goats, Pigs, and Ponies?

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Schools & Groups

We welcome School Group visits at Farmer Palmer's Farm Park, Monday to Friday, Term Time.

If you have a non-school group, and the children are under 8yrs, we would still love to hear from you.
Min 20 paying persons (maximum capacity limits may be in place)
Prices will vary for weekends and non-school groups

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How to find us

Free Parking

Whatever your reason for coming - and there are plenty

Here’s the travel information you need to find your way to Farmer Palmer’s.

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Food & Drink

The Hen House Restaurant

The Hen House Restaurant is the perfect way to re-fuel your family.

We cater for adults & children, using fresh ingredients, top-quality pork, lamb, beef, or chicken. The vegetables will be peeled on the day.

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What's On

Farmer Palmer's Experiences to wow & entertain you & your little ones. Tickets required.

Check out what is going on at the park during special times of the year.

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Explore The Park

Farmer Palmers Farm Park is packed with fun-filled play and lots of cute and friendly animals!

Useful Information

Useful information and advice about all things Farmer Parmer's

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