Farmer Palmer's Dorset Farm Park is designed for young children and families, its the perfect place to explore!

Here’s everything you need to know about Dorset’s favourite farm park! We offer you and your family a fun-filled visit to the beautiful Dorset countryside. Parents will be pleased to know our priority is to provide excitement and entertainment in a safe and welcoming environment. Everything we do, we do it for you! Our attractions are designed with you in mind and our attention to detail is 100% family focused.

Listen to Dave Palmer (Father) & Sandra Palmer-Snellin (Daughter) talk about the history of Farmer Palmer’s, and where it all began!


About Our Mission

To provide the local community and tourists with a product that enables them to not only entertain young children but also ensure that they feel they have a ‘quality value for money experience’.

To provide staff infrastructure to ensure both staff and customers are correctly supported.

To create a commercial business that has a steady growth year on year, but still in keeping with Farmer Palmer's original ethos, of keeping the experience of our customers a personal one.

To ensure that our customers’ expectations are achievable.

an animal pen

About Our Values

  • To provide a welcoming farm facility that is a professional and efficient business, and above & beyond what is expected of a Farm Park attraction

  • To always maintain the highest standard in everything we offer

  • To provide a clean, safe, and highly enjoyable environment for children so their parents can relax here

  • To provide value for money

  • To run the departments as efficiently as possible whilst not compromising the service given

  • To achieve education and awareness, particularly for children in an enjoyable and involving way

  • Ensure all staff are happy in their work because a smile and politeness costs nothing, but reaps extensive rewards

  • To become the best example of a farm park

About Our Amazing Team

Meet the dedicated Dorset Farm Park crew, the Farmer Palmer's professionals

About Dorset farm park - Sandra



Having grown up on the farm, 25 years ago my brother & I started this magical journey. We have an amazing team! I love marketing, quality, and customer care.

About Dorset farm park - Phillip



I'm Farmer Palmer! You'll often see me around the park or out on the tractor! I grew up on the farm and I'm passionate about our business and customer service.

About Dorset farm park - Cerys


General Manager

Joined in 2018 as Hen House Manager. Now in 2024, I've been promoted to General Manager, making sure the team is happy and the customers have a really enjoyable time!


Commercial Growth Manager

Joined in 2024 to align business objectives and coordinate actions in order to help Farmer Palmer's be the very best place it can be for the team and our customers.



Joined 2015. I work in Farmer Palmer’s HQ looking after the accounts. I sometimes assist with HR and I love a cup of green tea!

About Dorset farm park - Charlie


Quality Operations Manager

Joined in 2010. From shop weekend team to shop supervisor. In 2024, I became the Quality Operations Manager.

About Dorset farm park - Robert


Maintenance Manager & Health and Safety

Joined 2015, you'll often see me around the farm fixing and maintaining equipment. Your health & safety is my top priority!

About Dorset farm park - Lindsey


Retail Buyer

Joined 2014. I am Farmer Palmer's Retail Buyer. I work in the shop department, making sure we've got lots of those 'I forgot' items, as well as lots of great gift ideas for a take home treat!

About Dorset farm park - Jess


Marketing & Social Media Creator

Joined 2022. I help run the social media and marketing for the park, so make sure to say 'CHEESE' if you see me!


Animal Barn Manager

Joined in 2010 in the animal barn team. In 2024, I became manager. Looking after the team and caring for the animals.