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Are you looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle, but feel overwhelmed with all the things to do and not sure what to believe? We think the perfect place to start is creating a planet-conscious playroom and looking at the toys your children play with!

We have introduced a selection of eco-friendly, bio-plastic, trucks and cars into our shop (available online soon), which your little eco-warriors have gone nuts for!

Why Buy Bio-Plastic Toys for My Children?

Because parents do not choose toys for their children, they want them to play with toys that have pedagogical value. But, children go for bright colours, things with wheels, and anything within hands reach, to be honest! We know that children, not only, hold their bricks, dolls, or coffee cups, but they put them in their mouths. Therefore, toys should be of high quality and free of harmful substances!

Sustainable bio-plastics made from renewable raw materials offer a valid and sustainable alternative. They are made from wheat straw, coloured using food-safe mineral-based colouring, and packaged in recyclable boxes printed with soy inks.

Doing Our Bit!

With a forever-increasing demand to better our planet, and taking an interest in what our children play with, we wanted to contribute to a more sustainable future. Therefore, have chosen to sell these amazing trucks and cars in our gift shop (available in our online shop soon!), making the perfect gift for your little eco-warrior!

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