Our gorgeous red deer herd come up to meet you to be hand-fed their lunch!
deer feeding experience - farmer palmers

Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park offers an exciting and educational Deer Feeding Experience! It promises a delightful experience for visitors of all ages. Priced at just £2.50 per person, this activity has become a beloved tradition for families. Our customers love connecting with nature and learning about these graceful creatures. Farmer Palmer’s Deer Feeding Activity is an excellent way to foster a love for wildlife.

fawn - deer feeding

Running from March through September or October, the Deer Feeding Activity aligns perfectly with the spring, summer, and early autumn seasons when the park is bursting with life. Participants can embark on this adventure aboard a tractor trailer, making it accessible to kids and adults alike. The scenic ride down to the bottom field sets the stage for a memorable encounter with the wild red deer.

close up - deer feeding

At the heart of this experience is the opportunity to hand-feed the park’s friendly and inquisitive deer. As you feed them, you’ll marvel at their gentle nature and learn fascinating facts about their behaviour, diet, and habitat. Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park places a strong emphasis on education, making this activity an ideal way to combine fun with learning.

Take a look for yourselves…

Payments can be made using either cash or card on the day of your visit. No need to worry about pre-booking tickets. Simply arrive at Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park, and you’re good to go. Check our timetable for specific timings of the tractor trailer ride and deer feeding experiences. You can find them our Facebook and Instagram pages.